Kermi x-flair – the heat pump radiator for low flow temperatures

Kermi x-flair

The heat pump radiator

x-flair is the ideal radiator for low flow temperatures. By combining x2-technology with axial fans, the low-temperature radiator heats up quickly and distributes the heat effectively in the room.

Refurbishing existing buildings with a heat pump. The heat pump radiator can be connected to existing pipes. It makes optimal use of the low flow temperature of the heat pump, heats up efficiently, and rapidly dissipates the heat. This means that underfloor heating is not absolutely necessary.

New with heat pump. Would you like the children's room, study, or utility room to be warm quickly, only at certain times? The x-flair is the optimal radiator for this as well. Underfloor heating would react too slowly here.

Your plus with x-flair

  • For operation with all low temperature range heat sources
  • Operated like a conventional radiator, the fans switch on and off automatically as required
  • Sound-optimised axial fans and spring-loaded bearings reduce noise to a minimum
  • Significant reduction of the system temperature possible, allowing highly efficient operation with heat pumps and condensing boilers
  • Eligible for funding for efficient buildings under current funding programmes
  • Combination of x-flair with all therm-x2 steel panel radiators without looking any different
  • Maximum radiated heat output with integrated x2-technology

Awarded with

Kermi x-flair – heat pump radiator

x2-technology + integrated fans = x-flair


The x-flair heat pump radiator is available as Profil, Plan, and Line versions. This means it perfectly matches the therm-x2 radiators. It is available in the popular DIN connection dimensions for radiators 500 mm and 900 mm and in the designs V and Vplus. This enables dirt-free replacement during renovation without changing the connections and wall fixings. Installation is simple and efficient.