Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan

Kermi therm-x2® Plan Elegant steel panel radiators with the timeless planar design.

With their brilliantly smooth design, the therm-x2 plan radiators do not just provide comfortable warmth and more cosiness in every room, they can also be harmoniously integrated into virtually every room situation. With the radiators with valve, the valve is integrated and factory preset to the appropriate heat output. This not only saves additional energy, but also extensively eliminates on-site hydraulic balancing.

Kermi steel panel radiators x2 inside
Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan

Your plus with therm-x2 Plan

  • Highly efficient with a smooth design
  • With energy-saving x2 technology
  • Smooth front cover
  • Top cover and side panel standard
  • Wide range of sizes and colours
  • Perfectly suited for new-builds and refurbishment
  • For all heat sources: oil, gas, or remote heating, solar energy or condensing technology
  • Comprehensive programme with short delivery times
  • Suitable for installing heating cost recorders
  • Also available in height 200


Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan compact radiator with smooth front

therm-x2® Plan-K compact radiator

Compact radiator

The basic configuration with its smooth front, side panels, and decorative cover. With four connecitons on the side and the multiple connection options that result, the radiator can be integrated into any room situation. Suitable for all heat sources and variable for one- and two-pipe systems . High in heat output, sensitive and dynamic in control due to low water content.

In the type 12 version with just 66 mm depth optimally adapted to condensing technology requirements. With optimal output simultaneously with low water content.

  • With side connections
  • Multiple connection options
Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan compact replacement radiator for renovation

therm-x2® Plan-K replacement radiator

Replacement radiator for the renovation solution

Especially for renovation. With few installation steps and entirely without special accessories. A steel panel radiator that is aligned with hub distances 500 and 900 mm, the most frequently used. For the rapid, rational replacement of old DIN radiators. Without changes to the pipe connections, without conversion work. And if other hub distances are required: The Kermi adapter KD for compact radiators assures adaptation to the existing pipe system by compensating hub distance differences.

  • Fast radiator replacement thanks to hub distances that exactly match those of the old DIN radiators
  • Hub distance 500 mm and 900 mm
  • Problem-free, clean, efficient.
  • Just a few installation steps without any special accessories
  • Available from stock

Change to comfortable warmth: Kermi therm-x2 Plan replacement radiators are the quick, flexible, and above all uncomplicated solution for radiator replacement. Perfectly adapted to DIN radiators and as a result they represent about 90 % of the demand on the renovation market.

Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan-K replacement radiator with standard hub distance 500 and 900 mm

therm-x2® Plan-V radiator with integrated valve

Radiator with integrated valve and integrated valve fitting

The radiator with integrated valve of Kermi is connected at the bottom on either side. The valve fitting with preset kv values is integrated in the valve version at the factory.

  • Valve fitting with preset kv values integrated at the factory
Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 plan radiator Vplus

therm-x2® Plan-Vplus

Flexible radiator with integrated valve

With its brilliantly smooth design, the radiator can be harmoniously integrated into virtually every room situation. With therm-x2 Plan-Vplus, virtually all types of connection can be made. For optimal flexibility with planning, quick and easy to install.

  • Freedom of design due to multiple connection options
  • Simple replacement during renovation
  • Safe, uncomplicated installation due to familiar sizes and connection dimensions
  • Radiator version and dimensions can still be freely determined even after pipe installation
  • Time savings: all connections tightly sealed at the factory
  • Great flexibility in response to short notice changes to the type of connection on site
  • High energy efficiency thanks to innovative therm-x2 technology
  • Valve fitting with preset kv values integrated at the factory

One radiator – all options: With a therm-x2 Vplus, virtually any type of connection can be made. Available as a standard version with the valve on the right and a version with the valve on the left

without a surcharge.

Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan-Vplus for virtually all types of connection

Anschlussmöglichkeiten des Vplus am Beispiel therm-x2 Line

Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan-K / -V / -Vplus hygiene radiator for a dust-reducing climate

therm-x2® Plan-K / -V / -Vplus Hygiene

For hygienic requirements

The Kermi Plan hygiene radiator is designed without side panel and without convection panels. For fast, readily accessible cleaning and for dust-reducing thermal comfort - according to the special hygienic requirements of hospitals. The high quality Kermi coating is resistant to disinfectants and the edges are covered with protective profiles.

  • Without convection panels
  • Easy cleaning of the radiator possible
  • For rooms with especially demanding hygiene requirements
  • Virtually dust-free thermal comfort 

Plan hygiene radiator: The clean solution for special hygienic requirements. Quick and easy to clean. For virtually dust-free thermal comfort, highly suitable for people with allergies.

Kermi steel panel radiators therm-x2 Plan-K / -V / -Vplus Hygiene without side panels and without convection panels

Technical information

Heights 200 - 959 mm
Lengths 400 - 3005 mm
Depths 61 - 157 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 407 - 9655 watts


The simple online computer to determine heat demand and radiators required.


Other benefits

The Kermi radiation shield prevents heat loss to the outside by up to 80 %

Kermi radiation shield. Perfect on large glazed areas. This will help you reduce heat losses to the outside by up to 80 %. Very easy to install on all Kermi steel panel radiators.

Kermi therm-x2 Plan height 200

Height 200. Kermi Plan steel panel radiators in height 200 are perfectly suited for verandas, conservatories, and under window sills. And of course anywhere that large window areas or low base walls define the architectural style.

Kermi therm-x2 Plan height 750

Height 750. The therm-x2 Plan range was expanded by the height 750 mm – the ideal energy saving radiator for every requirement and installation situation. 

Radiator advice

Kermi consultation and information

Why a therm-x2 energy saving radiator?

The Kermi therm-x2 steel panel radiators with their patented serial flow x2-technology offer a solution for energy transfer which is globally unique. They provide the highest level of efficiency resulting in energy savings of up to 11 %, while at the same time ensuring 100 % comfort – at every point of operation.

More information: Why a therm-x2 energy saving radiator?

Kermi consultation and information

Valve technology and hydraulic balancing

State-of-the-art valve technology ensures the most accurate adjustability, heating comfort, and energy efficiency in every radiator with valve by Kermi. As a result, we are setting standards in radiator valve technology – particularly in respect of simplified hydraulic balancing.

More information: Valve technology and hydraulic balancing

Kermi advice and information

Which radiator is the right one?

Kermi offers an extensive range of radiators  – they are an important part of the Kermi System x-optimised. What radiators are there to choose from? And which radiator is the right one? Our guide should help you find the right radiator. Because Kermi is the go-to manufacturerwhen it comes to radiators.

More information: Which radiator is the right one?