Installation videos

In our Kermi How-To videos, we clearly and simply explain the professional installation, commissioning, and operation of Kermi products. The videos are a practical addition to the classic installation instructions and in a few minutes, show the most important steps as well as helpful hints for trouble-free installation of our Kermi products.

Installation of air ducts

The installation of the Kermi x-well residential ventilation system should always be based on prior planning, taking all other trades into account. In this video we show how the corresponding air ducts (connection system round pipe and connection system compartment duct) are professionally installed on the manifold / collector or on the valve connection and how the pipe lengths are documented for the throttle calculation.

Unpacking & wall installation

In this video we show you how to unpack the x-well ventilation unit including its accessories and the necessary to steps to ensure correct and safe wall installation.

Changing air supply

The air supplies connected can be changed for flexible installation of the residential ventilation units. As standard, the x-well ventilation unit is set up for the standard version (left-hand version = outside / exhaust air on left). We show what needs to be considered when changing the air supply.

Connection condensation drain

When changing the air supply on the Kermi x-well ventilation unit, not only the position of the DIP switch, the filter, and the humidity sensor must be adjusted (see: ), but also the position of the condensation drain.

Air distribution connection

The most important steps for connecting the pipe systems and components to the x-well residential ventilation unit. The supply and extract air ducts always run from the residential ventilation unit to the distributor/collector, while the fresh air and extract air ducts run from the building envelope to the residential ventilation unit. A silencer should always be used in the supply and extract air ducts to prevent the transmission of sound into the individual rooms.

Operation control

The controller integrated in the x-well ventilation unit is operated via simple and user-friendly menu navigation. In this video, in addition to the selection of the different operating modes (automatic and manual mode, holiday and party mode), we show the correct setting of the time and day of the week as well as the procedure for an upcoming filter change.


The basic prerequisite for efficient operation of the residential ventilation unit is comprehensive commissioning. Controlled residential ventilation must be commissioned by a qualified specialist in compliance with the corresponding valid legal regulations, ordinances, guidelines, as well as the installation instructions and must be carried out according to the following scheme.