Kermi design radiator Decor-Arte Plan in a clear shape and with consistent lines

Decor-Arte® Plan Clear shape. Consistent lines.

Modern and minimalist, the Decor-Arte Plan design radiator animates without superfluous features. The smooth, heat dissipating surfaces impress thanks to their pleasant radiant heat and with their flatness provide the room with added size. The radiator is made of high quality aluminium – optimum prerequisites for impressive heat output. The high efficiency at low temperatures makes it ideal for low temperature systems like heat pumps.

Kermi radiator Decor-Arte Plan suitable for bathroom or living space

Your plus with Decor-Arte Plan

  • The ideal bathroom radiator with functional towel rails
  • Made of robust aluminium extrusion profiles
  • Energy saving and optimum heat dissipation
  • Easy to install and flexible thanks to the centre connection
  • Low water content, short heating period
  • Perfect for low temperature systems
Kermi design radiators Decor-Arte Plan – three individual components for exciting accents in the living space

Up to three individual components with a width of 150 mm can be installed next to one another. This is how individual combinations occur – in different colours, in harmonic geometry, or excitingly asymmetrical. The individual components are connected and controlled via a terminal box.


Kermi radiator Decor-Arte Plan centre connection detail

Decor-Arte Plan

  • Compact radiator for hot water operation
  • 50 mm centre connection
  • Radiators made of aluminium
  • Rust-resistant, ideal for damp enviornments like bathrooms
Kermi radiator Decor-Arte Plan detail

Technical information

Heights 1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Length 320, 490, 660 mm
Depth 100 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 1127 - 2598 watts

Technical information

Length 150 mm

Heights 1800, 2000 mm
Length 150 mm
Depth 100 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 671 - 734 watts


Kermi accessory aluminium towel rail for Decor-Arte Plan

Aluminium towel rail

Kermi accessory long rail for Decor-Arte Plan

Long rail

Kermi accessory square rail for Decor-Arte Plan

Square rail

Kermi accessory rectangular rail for Decor-Arte Plan

Rectangular rail

Kermi accessory short rail for Decor-Arte Plan

Short rail

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