Why Kermi radiators?

Kermi radiators are captivating with their elegant heat design and high levels of energy efficiency. No matter whether living room, bedroom child's room or bathroom: Kermi stands for the highest quality and cosy comfortable warmth throughout the house.

Kermi radiators are impressive with their high heat output - ideal for low flow temperatures. Thanks to efficient heat transfer and optimised radiation surfaces, our new-build and renovation solutions actively help save energy without having to cut back on comfort.

The decision in favour of the right radiators has always not been a question of functionality, but also a question of design. In our comprehensive range of radiators covering steel panel radiators, design and bathroom radiators, convectors and heating panels you will find solutions to suit virtually every room and space. Vertical or horizontal, classically elegant or design-oriented - Kermi radiators offer you complete creative freedom and allow room designs without compromise, to suit your taste completely.


Kermi therm-x2 radiators - the only steel panel radiator in the world with patented x2-technology

At a glance: Kermi radiators

Patented energy saving technology

A modern energy-saving heating system can only show its full potential if the radiator cooperates as well. This has been achieved with the development of the therm-x2. With its unique x2 technology it optimally harmonises with every heat source. The Kermi therm-x2 energy saving radiator is setting new standards in the heating panel sector. 25 % shorter heating period, up to 100 % more radiant heat and up to 11% energy savings potential - with Kermi therm-x2 radiators you are investing in energy-efficient future technology.

(Almost) always fits

The range of Kermi radiators covers a large number of radiators with various lengths, heights, and heat outputs. This means you can always find the perfect radiator for your individual requirements. With a standardised 50 mm centre connection, Kermi has created a standard that provides you with complete planning and decision freedom right until the end. But also the classic version, the side connection on the left and right is still possible on many models.

Electric operation

Kermi design and bathroom radiator in additional electric operation can either be operated via the central heating or independently. Additional electric operation is the perfect solution for the transitional period in the spring and autumn: The central heating is often already (or still) on summer mode and there is the occasional cold day - particularly unpleasant in the bathroom. Kermi design and bathroom radiators with all-electric operation are the perfect solution wherever there is no central heating.

Renovation and modernisation

Old radiators are real energy gluttons and due to limescale deposits for example, can no longer provide their full heat output despite consuming the same amount of energy. But when talking about heat control and comfort as well, old heating systems really lose out. Discover the Kermi modernisation guideline and find out how easy it is to replace your old radiator.

Perfectly connected with x-link / x-link plus

The perfect combination of design radiator and underfloor heating. The x-link connection fitting simply connects the underfloor heating circuit via the bathroom radiator to the existing radiator network. Without an electric connection or complex constructional measures and without having to access the heating circuit controls. Ideal for more comfort in the bathroom. The new x-link plus connection fitting extends the range. With immediate effect, radiators without a valve can also be combined with underfloor heating. With a perfect appearance, as completely invisible.

Intelligent control

Heating with Kermi also means controlling heat intelligently. The comfort and energy manager x-center base is the central control station for Smart Home in your home. Whether the electric heating rod in your bathroom radiators, your heat pump, your underfloor heating, or radiators - they can all easily be controlled and regulated while you are out and about via a PC or tablet. Check the climate of individual rooms whenever and wherever you like. 

Selecting radiators: Please note

If you want it to look tasteful, you will decorate with care. Everything needs to go together: the colours, the light, the furniture. But one thing you should not forget here are the radiators. They are among the furnishings that will characterise your personal ambience the longest. For this reason, Kermi offers a wide range of different types of high quality radiators in many different dimensions. Regardless of whether you prefer low-key harmony or want to cheekily emphasise features - at Kermi you can count on sustainable energy-saving technology and a perfect price-performance ratio.

Design with charisma

For the love of perfect forms. With simple clarity or extravagant heat sculpture. Kermi design radiators, such as TABEO, SIGNO, DIVEO, CREDO plus or CASTEO, have received multiple design awards for their innovative and universal design.

Excellent quality

Quality is top priority with all products and services. Kermi sets a high standard of quality, beginning with product development, through the selection of material and strict testing, to a demanding final inspection. Guaranteed by international seals of quality and certified by an uncompromising quality assurance system.

Real innovations

Whether revolutionary technology for energy-saving heat distribution or award-winning heat design ideas for unique multi-functionality - at Kermi, innovation is a tradition. As continuous optimisation process from development to installation. And as a pacesetter to find solutions for every new challenge. So that heat and comfort will always be an exciting and pleasant feeling for you.

The correct heat output

The larger the radiator surface, the greater the heat output - of course always in connection with the room size. If there is high heat demand, large-surface or double-layer models, such as CREDO-Duo, DUETT or Kermi DECOR are your first choice. When you want primarily warm towels, each Kermi design radiator is a perfect butler and a source of heat. Good to know: To always keep an eye on heating costs, all Kermi V models are delivered with a pre-set valve insert. For efficient energy savings control.

Connection possibilities and radiator position

With a standardised 50 mm centre connection, Kermi has created a standard that provides you with complete planning and decision freedom right until the end. With nearly all valve versions, the connection is completely hidden underneath a panel. The classic variant with the left and right side connection is also available for many models.

Besides the minimum distance of 150 mm between the lower edge of the radiator and the floor, also the closing height is decisive for a harmonious appearance. For this the bathroom radiator may be aligned e.g. with the top edge of the shower enclosure, the mirror cabinet, or the door frame. If there are no respective reference lines in the direct vicinity, the radiator can be positioned centrally and oriented towards the room height. What's important: functional aspects such as comfortable access to the towel.

For several Kermi bathroom radiators Kermi the connection fitting x-link and x-link plus to combine with the Kermi x-net floor heating system. It is directly installed on the radiator and covered completely with the panel. For perfectly controlled comfort without an annoying connection box, without a power connection or extensive construction work.

Kermi renovation solutions

Conversion, renovation, modernisation - Kermi also offers many different solution options here as well. No other refurbishment measure on its own is as efficient as modernising the heating system. It is well worth your while, as you will reduce your energy costs and harmful emissions. After all, heat pumps, condensing technology, and solar panels are clearly the future of energy-efficient heat sources. But a new heating system pays for itself even more quickly if new, powerful radiators are used as well. Thanks to the same connection dimensions on Kermi radiators, it is quite easy to replace the old ones.