Kermi electric underfloor heating x-net +e11

+e11 mat system Electric underfloor heating – ideal for renovation.

Electric underfloor heating. The x-net +e11 mat system is impressive thanks to its low installation height and suitable for any installation situation, primarily for renovation. x-net +e11 provides fast heat thanks to its installation directly under the floor covering. The complete set with self-adhesive heating mat makes for easy installation. The x-net +e flush-mounted controller 230 V with floor sensor controls the electric panel heating with timer program for room temperature control and can be integrated into the scheme of on-site switches. It is possible to connect two heating mats per controller. The x-net +e11 floor sensor for limiting the maximum or minimum floor temperature can be installed along with the x-net +e11 protective conduit quickly and easily.

Kermi x-net +e11 mat system

System benefits

  • Very low installation height
  • Ideal for renovation
  • Pre-fabricated installation set

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Kermi x-net +e11 mat system for electric underfloor heating according to design C in accordance with DIN EN 50559 for laying directly under the floor covering
  • Extra flat heating mat for low floor mounting, ideal for renovation
  • Room temperature regulator with floor sensor for limiting the floor temperature, daily and weekly program with start time optimisation according to eco-design directive ErP 2015/1188


Kermi x-net +e11 complete set

Kermi x-net +e11 mat system

Heating mat for embedding in tile cement or levelling compound

  • Heating line with 3 mm diameter according to EN 60355-2-96, VDE 0700 fixed on a self-adhesive glass-fibre quilted mat with adhesive strips in a meandering pattern
  • Fixing for covering the remaining surface easily resolved
  • Mat thickness: 3.5 mm protective sheet to protect the adhesive bottom of the mat from dust until laying
  • Heating line and connecting line with protective braid (protection class I)
  • Operating voltage 230 V, 50  Hz
  • Length of connecting line: 6 m

Flush-mounted room temperature regulator with LCD display with floor temperature sensor and protective conduit for floor sensor with metallic end cap.

Characteristics/technical details:

  • Operating voltage: 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Max. switching current: 10 A
  • Room temperature setpoint: 5 - 30 °C
  • Operating mode: PWM or 2-point
  • Protection class, type: II, IP 30
  • Colour: white (similar to RAL 9010)
  • Installation in flush-mounted boxes
  • Dimensions: W x H x D = 81 x 81 x 18 mm


  • Daily and weekly program for individual heating periods with start optimisation according to eco-design directive (ErP 2015/1188)
  • Maximum or minimum floor temperature limit
  • Load disruption according ot DIN EN 50559

x-net® controls

Heating comfort at the press of a button.

Clever control for panel heating and cooling. This means the desired heating comfort can be set individually for every room. Clever control also means: Save cleverly. x-net control is available in two product lines, to precisely suit the particular requirements.

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