Kermi x-net C22 dry system wall heating

x-net® C22 wall heating dry system Discover how easy it is to install.

The perfect wall heating for dry construction. When it is a matter of keeping system temperatures low and generating optimal homeliness in your living space or in rooms used in a comparable manner, panel heating is absolutely the right choice. Depending on the situation, the wall heating provides a problem-free alternative or is an ideal supplement to underfloor heating. In the case of cladding with increased heat transmission resistance, e.g. a wooden board flooring, or if existing floor coverings are to be retained during refurbishment, or if for example, the underfloor heating power is not enough. The x-net C22 wall heating drying system is extremely well suited as panel heating / cooling for all walls which form a full contact, fixed surface and which are fitted with panelling made of plasterboard, fibre-reinforced plasterboard or other dry wall elements suitable for wall heating.

Kermi x-net C22: use of commercially-available drywall boards

System benefits

  • Radiant heat
  • Low flow temperatures
  • Quick reactions due to minimal pipe covering
  • Can be easily combined with floor heating

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Per heating circuit wall areas up to 10 m² available based on pipe dimension 14 x 2
  • Reliable flow ventilation due to the pipe dimension 14 x 2
  • Single connection or connection in the Tichelmann system on the heating circuit manifold
  • Simple to process and 100 % oxygen diffusion-proof mkv composite pipe
  • Pipe layout of wall heating that has been installed can be made visible with x-net thermofoil
  • Produced using drywall construction without drying times, without moisture in the construction


x-net C22 wall heating dry system

Kermi x-net C22: drywall boards 25 mm
The 25 mm drywall panels are installed between laths and fixed in place with adhesive mortar. The wall panelling is overlaid with adhesive mortar over the entire surface. The batten structure is used to secure the wall panelling.
Kermi x-net C22: easy cutting of rigid foam insulation made of polystyrene using the xnet separating knife
The rigid-foam insulation made of polystyrene can be quickly and easily cut to size with the x-net cutting knife.
Kermi x-net C22: manufacturing of additional pipe ducts using x-net heat-cutter
The marking groove on the plate is used for positioning the heat-conducting plate. Additional pipe channels that may be required can be produced accurately using the x-net heat-cutter.
Kermi x-net C22: breaking of the heat-conducting plate at pre-punched planned break points
The length of the heat-conducting plate can be adjusted by making a simple, burr-free break at the pre-punched breaking points.
The special Ω contour ensures high pipe retention strength and optimal heat transfer through the x-net heat-conducting plate to the wall structure in front.
Kermi x-net C22: use of commercially-available drywall boards
Use of commercially available drywall panels for short construction times and reducing the amount of humidity allowed into the building.

x-net mkv composite pipe

Kermi x-net C21: pipe inscription indicates remaining length and pipe length already used
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and pipe length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
Kermi x-net C21: assembly-friendly, flexible mkv composite pipe
Installation-friendly mkv composite pipe with high flexibility and pipe bends that have no spring-back forces.
Kermi x-net pipe and pipe connection
Extensive range of press-on and screw connectors.

x-net unwinding unit

Kermi x-net C21: rugged individual components of the x-net unrolling unit
Solid components, manufactured with high precision and designed for longevity – inherent in every Kermi-designed product.
Kermi x-net C21: straightforward transportation with the x-net unrolling unit
Can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time, in a few simple steps without tools. The x-net pipe unwinder can even be carried in a backpack.
Kermi x-net C21: remaining pipe protected in carton
Remaining pipe stays in the packaging, protected against dirt and damage and ready to be transported at any time.

x-net wall heating connection

Kermi x-net C21: Tichelmann connection of x-net wall heating
An extensive range of fittings allows single connections or Tichelmann connections to be made with ease.
Kermi x-net C21: pipe elbow installed on the wall
Pipe bends installed "in loops" on the panel do not make any contact with the screed plate. In the case of thin-layered floor structures, this prevents sound transmission and mechanical damage to the pipe.
Kermi x-net C21: connection of x-net wall heating to underfloor heating at distributor
x-net panel heating can be optimally combined with floor heating and connected to the same manifold.

x-net® controls

Heating comfort at the press of a button.

Clever control for panel heating and cooling. This means the desired heating comfort can be set individually for every room. Clever control also means: Save cleverly. x-net control is available in two product lines, to precisely suit the particular requirements.

Product film


For new and old buildings. Rapid response comfortable heat from the wall.

- Per heating circuit wall areas of up to 10 m² can be occupied due to the pipe dimension 14 x 2.0 mm
- Reliable flow ventilation due to the pipe dimension 14 x 2.0 mm
- Individual connection or connection to the heating circuit manifold using the Tichelmann system
- Simple to process and 100 % oxygen diffusion-proof mkv composite pipe
- Produced using dry construction without drying times, without moisture in the construction

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