Kermi x-net C11 knob system

x-net® C11 knob system The classic among underfloor heating systems - rational in every direction.

Underfloor heating for wet screed. Pleasant climate for every season and highest energy efficiency. x-net C11 is the optimised floor heating system by virtue of innovative in-house developments and carefully engineered detailed solutions for heating and cooling based on proven knob plate technology. Perfectly matched system components and a sophisticated assembly system for clean and safe installation in residential and commercial buildings.

Kermi x-net C11 knob system

System benefits

  • Heating and cooling
  • Optimal for one-man pipe laying
  • Best suited for floating screed
  • Perfect protection for the pipe during the shell construction phase due to the knob structure
  • Installation distances for system reasons which comply with standards

Kermi-Plus benefits

  • Two pipe dimensions can be processed:
    1. x-net 5-layer pipe 14 x 2
    2. x-net 5-layer pipe 16 x 2
  • Diagonal installation of the pipe in the panel without additional pipe fasteners
  • High impact resistance
  • High pipe retention force
  • A suitable system panel for every application: 1. Impact sound insulation for apartment separation floors 2. Rigid foam insulation for high payloads
  • Large-sized panels for fast insulation installation
  • Heating technology tested according to DIN EN 1264 and DIN Certco-certified


Knob palette

Kermi x-net C11: straight pipe run parallel to the plate edges or diagonally
Straight line pipe layout parallel to the plate edges or diagonal without additional pipe fasteners.
Kermi x-net C11: sealing of plate joints through use of laterally overlapping thermoforming film
Simple plate joints with thermoforming film overlapping at the side to ensure screed-separating protective cover as defined in DIN 18560.
Kermi x-net C11: linking of butt-jointed plates
Butt-joint plates connected by x-net C11 connecting strip as accessory, e.g. for re-using leftover pieces.
Kermi x-net C11: fast installation due to large-format panels
Large plates for fast installation, ideal for pipe laying by a single person.
Kermi x-net C11: pipe remains well-protected by the knob structure during the entire preliminary phase of construction
Pipe remains well-protected by the knob structure during the entire shell construction phase.
Kermi x-net C11: use of var. pipe dimensions, 14 x 2 left, 16 x 2 right
The special knob undercut on the sturdy thermoforming film allows the use of different pipe dimensions (picture left: 14 x 2; picture right: 16 x 2)  and ensures optimal retention in the knob plate.

x-net 5-layer-PE-Xc pipe

Kermi x-net C11: pipe inscription indicates remaining length and pipe length already used
Printed marks on the pipe indicate the remaining length and pipe length already used, allowing optimal utilisation of pipe coils.
High flexibility allows tight bending radii and reduces the restoring forces in pipe elbows.
Kermi x-net pipe and pipe connection
Pipes and pipe connectors as defined in DIN 4726 and DIN EN ISO 15875 are tested and monitored regularly by an accredited independent testing institute.

x-net detail solutions - expansion joint profile 10/100

Kermi x-net C11: sealing of the expansion joint at the base of the knob by the x-net knob sealing profile.
The expansion joint at the knob base is sealed by the x-net knob sealing profile. This allows freedom of movement over the entire screed cross-section.
Kermi x-net C11: pipe passage cutout with x-net notching pliers
Pipe passages cut out with x-net notching pliers. Cut-out positioning is simplified by printed grid markings at the grid dimensions of the x-net C11 knob plate.
Kermi x-net C11: wide adhesive foot and lateral plastic reinforcement
Wider adhesive foot and lateral plastic reinforcement for vertical stability and straight-line positioning. The x-net adhesive pipe protection strip is used for protecting crossed pipes.

Detailed solutions - x-net C11 combination set

Kermi x-net C11: dimension of flat insulation panel
Dimensions of the flat insulation panel are adapted to the knob plate grids. To make it easy to cut between the knobs.
Kermi x-net C11: screed-tight transition thanks to x-net C11 overlapping strips
The x-net C11 overlap strip ensures a screed-separating transition.
Kermi x-net C11: combi set for the simple production of doorways
The x-net C11 combi set for easy creation of doorways allows different knob alignment in each room.

Detail solutions - x-net edge insulating strips H 160 mm

Kermi x-net C11: adhesive strips for fixing the x-net edge insulation strip (H 160 mm) to the wall
Adhesive strip for wall-fixing of x-net edge insulation strip H 160 mm. Height adjusted to the floor structure so that there is no adhesive residue visible in the wall area afterwards.
Kermi x-net C11: tight fixing on the knob plate
Sealed fixing of the protective film using the x-net sealing profile on the knob plate.
Kermi x-net C11: multiple tear-off perforations
Multiple tear-off slits for fast tool-free cutting of the edge insulation strip without leaving marks on the wall plaster.

x-net unwinding unit

For tension- and twist-free unrolling of the x-net pipe system from the packaging.

Kermi x-net C11: unrolling unit developed in-house
Solid components, manufactured with high precision and designed for longevity – inherent in every Kermi-designed product.
Kermi x-net C11: can be assembled without tools, straightforward transportation of x-net unrolling unit
Can be assembled and disassembled in a very short time, in a few simple steps without tools. The x-net pipe unwinder can even be carried in a backpack.
Kermi x-net C11: Jederzeit transportbereit
Any remaining pipe stays in the packaging, protected against dirt and damage and ready to be transported at any time.

x-net® controls

Heating comfort at the press of a button.

Clever control for panel heating and cooling. This means the desired heating comfort can be set individually for every room. Clever control also means: Save cleverly. x-net control is available in two product lines, to precisely suit the particular requirements.

x-net® connect

Two problems – one solution.

Kermi does away with uncontrolled heat dissipation – with the x-net connect systems, heat is specifically guided past the screed in the area of the underfloor heating manifold to render an efficient and controlled heating operation possible. That way, major heat losses in this area can be prevented.

x-link® plus

The perfect connection between design radiator and underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection to the compact bathroom radiator.

Further information about x-link plus

Product film


The classic among underfloor heating systems - rational in every direction

- Two pipe dimensions can be laid
- Diagonal installation of the pipe in the panel without additional pipe fasteners
- High impact resistance
- High pipe retention force
- Rigid foam insulation version and with impact sound insulation

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