Kermi x-link plus: combination of design radiator and underfloor heating

x-link® plus Connection fitting for underfloor heating

The combination of a bathroom radiator and underfloor heating is more popular today than it has ever been. But what is the best way of realising this dream if only one heating circuit is available? The innovative connection fitting is the perfect solution to this problem, both technically and optically.


Combining underfloor heating with radiators requires different temperature levels. The quick and easy solution to this problem is x-link plus. The x-link plus connection fitting connects the underfloor heating circuit via the bathroom radiator to the existing radiator network. This ensures comfortable floor temperature control in the bathroom – regardless of the room temperature.

Simple, quick, and direct connection to the bathroom radiator instead of the complex installation of an RTL flush-mounted box in the wall.

Kermi Credo-Uno design and bathroom radiators

The Kermi x-net underfloor heating is simply connected to the x-link plus connection fitting on the bathroom radiator. Without an electric connection or complex constructional measures and without having to access the boiler controls. The radiator is connected using the existing heating circuit and controls the room temperature via a thermostatic valve. The temperature of the panel heating is then controlled independently of the radiators via a return temperature limiter. The radiator's appearance remains virtually unaffected in the process. With x-link plus, the connection fitting replaces the usual valve shut-off block and fits in perfectly with the respective radiator with its classic shape.

Kermi x-link plus connection fitting: combination of design radiator and underfloor heating

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection of the compact bathroom radiator.

Product benefits

  • Innovative integration of the underfloor heating connection and a bathroom radiator connection in a single unit
  • Meets the highest standards of bathroom design (all connections concealed under a cover)
  • Joint integration of the bathroom radiator and floor heating into the pipe system at a central location
  • An additional control circuit for the floor heating is not necessary
  • No need to plan and install a separate wall box for controlling the floor heating
  • Simple operation
  • Complete solution with coordinated interfaces from a single source
  • Two-pipe valve shut-off block included as standard
  • x-link plus combines a valve shut-off block and x-link connection fitting in a single version
  • x-link plus is available in white and chrome

Suitable for

Design radiators

Steel panel radiators

Underfloor heating

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