Installation videos

In our Kermi How-To videos, we clearly and simply explain the professional installation, commissioning, and operation of Kermi products. The videos are a practical addition to the classic installation instructions and in a few minutes, show the most important steps as well as helpful hints for trouble-free installation of our Kermi products.

x-net C17 klett panel installation video

Tried and trusted x-net hollow chamber panel technology with tool-free pipe fixing. The x-net C17 klett panel as a folding panel is the ideal addition to the Kermi range of x-net insulation-free panel heating and cooling systems for wet screed.

Tool-free and flexible pipe laying as well as the best floating screed properties allow the pipes to be laid particularly quickly and efficiently.

x-net connect installation video

x-net connect efficiently reduces unwanted heat dissipation from the feed pipes while at the same time allowing a full-surface independent heating circuit to be laid across the entire surface. This means that the individual room control stipulated according to EnEV for rooms with more than 6 m² floor space can be realised, including in the room that the underfloor heating manifold is set up in and the connecting room.

With x-net connect, the feed pipes passing through are not embedded in the screed. The new connection system takes them from the manifold in a layer of insulation layer the screed, only letting them emerge in the screed layer where they need to give off heat. This means that x-net connect maintains the impact sound protection while selectively transporting the heat under the screed in the hall. The optional x-net connect heating circuit is realised with klett pipes.

x-net unwinder

The x-net unwinder is suitable for twist-free unwinding of x-net system pipes from the packaging, for all pipe dimensions from 10 to 20 mm external diameter.