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x-change dynamic pro air/water heat pump

With a wide range of new developments, the air/water heat pump offers the best performance values. This results in optimal interaction in both new-builds and renovations when combined with the x-flair heat pump radiator.

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Best performance values

Best performance values

Extensive innovative development and an environmentally friendly coolant guarantee top efficiency.

High level of prefabrication

High level of prefabrication

Quick and easy to install thanks to integrated control in the heat storage tank.

Extensive portfolio

Extensive portfolio

Optimally suited for new-builds and renovation due to various output levels and storage systems

x-flair heat pump

Perfect for heat pumps and condensing boilers

Ideal for operation with all low temperature range heat sources.

Fully automatic control

The x-flair is operated like a conventional radiator.The fans switch on and off automatically as required.

Low-noise, comfortable operation

Spring-loaded axial fans reduce noise to a minimum.

x-net EGO underfloor heating

Automatic hydraulic balancing

The x-net control actuator EGO takes over automatic, demand-controlled hydraulic balancing of the panel heating circuits of a manifold for heating.

Time saving during installation

You save valuable time during installation thanks to the pre-wired control actuator with the x-net ready line EGO, the heart of the underfloor heating system.

Installation using a magnetic seal

The x-net terminal strip flex is installed with just a click, but not until you have reached final assembly. This means that there is no risk of theft on the construction site any more.

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