Kermi x-change air/water heat pumps with quiet operation

x-change® air/water heat pumps

As simple as they are clever: The x-change heat pump is responsible for generating heat in the “Kermi system x-optimised”. Saving resources, this heat pump removes thermal energy from the surrounding air and converts it into heating warmth. Ideal for a single-family house – in a new-build and when renovating. Suitable to be set up indoors and outdoors.

About the heat pump size:

Your heating engineer will advise you on selecting the “right” heat pump size. It is important to think about your individual situation and energy demand in advance. The decisive factor is always the respective heating load of the building. This heating load, the total heat demand of a building, does not just depend on construction details, such as insulation and isolation, but also on the size of the household, the individual heat demand, and also on the domestic hot water demand. The average fuel sales in the last three years applies here as the first indicator for the level of the heating load.


Kermi x-change dynamic heat pumps: honoured with the 2018 Design Award
Kermi x-change dynamic heat pumps: honoured with the 2018 Red Dot Award
Kermi x-change air/water heat pump converts thermal energy into heating warmth

Modulating x-change® dynamic AW I air/ water heat pump for indoor installation

The x-change dynamic heat pump is highly convincing thanks to its extremely efficient, virtually silent operation. This is made possible by a new innovative EPP housing design, with the latest radial fan technology including whisper mode and a large modulation range for the compressor, fan, and charge pump. The high quality lower part of the housing combined with the multi-layer insulation and triple sound-proofed cooling circuit guarantees very low sound emissions.

The x-change dynamic is equipped with the x-center x40 controller.


Kermi x-change dynamic AW I air/water heat pump for indoor installation

Modulating x-change® dynamic AW E air/ water heat pump for outdoor installation

The x-change dynamic heat pump is highly convincing thanks to its extremely efficient, virtually silent operation. This is made possible by the latest axial fan technology including whisper mode and a large modulation range for the compressor, fan, and charge pump. The high quality casing with robust stainless steel covering guarantees, together with the several-times insulated and triple sound-proofed cooling circuit, minimum sound emission.

The x-change dynamic is equipped with the x-center x40 controller for wall installation.


Modulating Kermi x-change dynamic AW E air/ water heat pump for outdoor installation

x-center control

For an optimal result. And a regulated process.

The x-center controller controls the Kermi system x-optimised and guarantees efficient and resource-saving operation of the heating system by regulating the flow temperature. Equipped with a clearly arranged display, the x-center controller is proving to be extremely user-friendly in the process. We intentionally kept it easy to use and decided in favour of a intuitively identifiable screen design. Thanks to this user-oriented user interface with clear menu guidance, it is straightforward and really easy to use the Kermi system x-optimised. This means the device can be controlled without any problems after being given brief instructions when the system is commissioned.

Smart Home with x-center base

Heating control at home. Easy while out and about.

Simple and easy control of your heating system with your heat pump on your tablet.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want - Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi system x-optimised" conveniently conducts all the components of the heating system via smartphone and tablet. Other devices such as home lighting or shutters can be incorporated into the system.

Using x-center base, the headquarters of Kermi Smart Home, you can easily control your x-change dynamic heat pumps while at home or while out and about. This allows you to control individual rooms as well as the entire heating system using timer programmes or scene creation, such as Holiday or Party modes. For intelligent living and maximum comfort for a sense of well-being.

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5 year system warranty

Finally the new Kermi heating system has been installed. Or the Kermi ventilation system. Nothing left to stop you feeling cosy at home. With our 5-year system warranty, we are happy to prove the quality of our products and our service promise to you.

Just three steps to a 5 year system warranty:

1. Have the Kermi system installed by a specialist company
2. Have Kermi Customer Service commission the system (or in the case of ventilation systems, a specialist company)
3. Annual servicing by Kermi Customer Service or by a specialist company

Heat pump consultation

Kermi consultation and information

Sound level and sound insulation

With their exceptionally effective sound and vibration absorption Kermi heat pumps generate scarcely more noise emission than a ticking alarm clock.

Further information about sound level and sound insulation for heat pumps

Kermi consultation and information

Optimise your own consumption

Save electricity costs long term with Kermi and electricity storage systems by Fenecon.

Further information about optimising your own consumption

Installer in front of Kermi x-change fresh drinking water heat pump

APF calculator

The Annual COP calculator.

Here you can calculate the annual performance factor of Kermi heat pumps according to VDI 4650.
The APF is the basis for subsidies according to the various market incentive programmes.

For APF calculator

Geothermal collector Kermi x-change heat pump

Interesting facts

Learn more about the x-change heat pumps? The following topics are summarized for you:

x-change heat pumps  benefits

The heat pump - For the environment and for the future

Operating mode of x-change heat pumps

Renovating with the x-change heat pumps

What do the energy saving regulations say?

Kermi: Clear advantages. Complete service.

Comprehensive Kermi system x-optimised

  • Energy savings up to 34 %
  • Optimally matched components
  • Everything from a single source, from planning to commissioning

This means "Kermi system x-optimised"

12 good reasons for Kermi system x-optimised

Kermi - Zertifizierte Qualität

Certified quality

  • Kermi is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001;2008, 14001:2004 and 50001:2011
  • Components comply with current standards and directives
  • Regular monitoring of core components by independent testing institutes
Kermi download technical data sets

Support with order process and planning

  • Support with order preparation
  • Support with a wide range of services during system planning
  • Dimensioning data set for liNear software
  • Comprehensive software for dimensioning rooms
  • Comprehensive information material
  • Extensive technical Internet portal
Kermi x-net C11: with outstanding customer service

Complete customer service

  • Nationwide service team as well as field service teams for fast on-site assistance
  • Competent in-house service team for fast telephone assistance
  • Professional, unbureaucratic processing of complaints
  • Detailed initial training on-site
  • Detailed planning and design consultation
Kermi system knowledge down to the last detail

System knowledge in great detail

  • Carefully engineered system technology developed in-house for easier, fast, safe work
  • Many Kermi innovations
  • Kermi special solutions for practical application by tradespeople

Links for specialist partners

Image data

Kermi image data for specialist partners

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Colors, certificates etc.

Kermi further information for specialist partners

IT solutions

Kermi EDP solutions for specialist partners
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