Kermi x-change dynamic water WW I Modulierende Wasser/Wasser-Wärmepumpe

x-change® dynamic water WW I water/water heat pump

The modulating, x-change dynamic water (water/water) heat pump extracts thermal energy from the groundwater using an extraction and absorption well. Circulated through an intermediate heat exchanger (groundwater station) in the heat transfer fluid on the secondary side (the so-called brine), the heat is transferred to the heat pump which then converts it into heat.

The x-change dynamic water is characterized by its extremely efficient operating mode, in that the scroll compressor, the heat source pump and the charge pump are controlled by the speed of rotation. This means there is an automatic output adjustment to the building's heat demand. The integrated highly efficient brine pump with expansion tank and flow sensor on the secondary side as well as the passive cooling station provide a high degree of integration and contribute to a significant reduction of the installation time. Low sound emissions due to vibration isolated compressor and addition sound-proofing mats on the continuous housing panel ensure virtually silent operation.

The x-change dynamic is equipped with the x-center x40 controller.

x-change dynamic water WW I Wasser/Wasser- Wärmepumpe
  • Energy efficiency class heat pump A+++
  • Low operating costs thanks to a high COP value
  • Maximum flow temperature up to 63 °C
  • Silent operation due to an optimised construction
  • Including integrated x-center x40 controller with intuitive touch control and colour graphics display, weather controlled operation
  • Remote servicing via x-center x40 (without accessories)
  • Large application range of water/water heat pump
  • Modulation of the compressor, the primary and secondary circuit pump
  • Power to Heat: Intelligent use of excess PV electricity
  • Integrated electronic heat quantity recording incl. COP determination
  • Web-based remote control of the heat pump
  • Optionally with passive cooling function "pc"

x-center control

For an optimal result. And a regulated process.

The x-center controller controls the Kermi system x-optimised and guarantees efficient and resource-saving operation of the heating system by regulating the flow temperature. Equipped with a clearly arranged display, the x-center controller is proving to be extremely user-friendly in the process. We intentionally kept it easy to use and decided in favour of a intuitively identifiable screen design. Thanks to this user-oriented user interface with clear menu guidance, it is straightforward and really easy to use the Kermi system x-optimised. This means the device can be controlled without any problems after being given brief instructions when the system is commissioned.

5 year system warranty

Finally the new Kermi heating system has been installed. Or the Kermi ventilation system. Nothing left to stop you feeling cosy at home. With our 5-year system warranty, we are happy to prove the quality of our products and our service promise to you.

Just three steps to a 5 year system warranty:

1. Have the Kermi system installed by a specialist company
2. Have Kermi Customer Service commission the system (or in the case of ventilation systems, a specialist company)
3. Annual servicing by Kermi Customer Service or by a specialist company

Heat pump advice

Kermi consultation and information

Sound level and sound insulation

With their exceptionally effective sound and vibration absorption Kermi heat pumps generate scarcely more noise emission than a ticking alarm clock.

More information about sound levels and sound insulation for heat pumps

Kermi consultation and information

Optimise your own consumption

Save electricity costs long term with Kermi and electricity storage systems by Fenecon.

More information about optimising your own consumption

Combining a heat pump with solar panels

It makes perfect sense to combine a heat pump and a solar panel system: Heat pumps need conventional electricity to operate – a solar panel system generates electricity from solar energy. And Kermi x-change dynamic heat pumps have an integrated solar panel interface as standard.

More information on Combining a heat pump with solar panels

Which heat pump is the right one?

Large or small property, single-family house or multi-family house – which heat pump is the right one for your own construction or modernisation project depends above all on the conditions in and around the house. Some rough basic data and classifications help in the selection process.

More information on the right heat pump

Cooling with a heat pump?

Whether air-to-water, brine-to-water or water-to-water heat pump – heat pumps can also be used to cool living spaces if the necessary technical requirements are met.

More information on cooling with the heat pump

Installer in front of Kermi x-change fresh drinking water heat pump

APF calculator

The Annual COP calculator.

Here you can calculate the annual performance factor of Kermi heat pumps according to VDI 4650.
The APF is the basis for subsidies according to the various market incentive programmes.

For APF calculator

Geothermal collector Kermi x-change heat pump

Interesting facts

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