Kermi x-buffer layered buffer storage in the furnace room

x-buffer expansions

Storage charging assembly

The storage charging assembly is available in different versions. The components are already pre-assembled on a platform which can be installed directly on the x-buffer layered buffer storage unit and which is supplied with the corresponding insulation. Alternatively, the pump group can also be used for wall installation. A switchover valve ensures a switchover between domestic water heating and room heating.

Kermi x-buffer storage charging assembly extension

Heating circuit assembly

The “unmixed heating circuit” assembly consists of a circulation pump and the corresponding shut-off devices. The “mixed heating circuit” assembly also has a mixer. These components are already pre-assembled on a platform which can be installed directly on the storage unit or a wall and which are supplied with the corresponding insulation.

Kermi x-buffer heating circuit assembly extensions of the unmixed heating circuit

x-buffer fresh water station

It is the ideal supplement to the x-buffer layered buffer storage tank and guarantees hygienically clean domestic hot water. Designed as an energy-friendly flow heater.

The heat energy generated using the x-change heat pump can now be used in different ways to provide the domestic hot water. It is vital that the domestic hot water is kept completely hygienic. A simple and, above all, cost and energy efficient secure option is the new x-buffer heat storage tank which in conjunction with the fresh water station always ensures a supply of fresh, hygienically clean domestic hot water.


  • Hygienically optimal heating of domestic water: The domestic water is not heated until it is required, which always ensures a fresh an hygienically clean supply of domestic hot water
  • No domestic water tank required any more
  • Electronic control for a constant domestic water temperature which is integrated in the insulation
  • Electronic protection from scalding (with connected circulation)
  • Timing, modulation, or switching the pump off possible from the controller
  • Completely pre-installed and wired up
  • High quality stainless steel panel heat exchanger
  • Circulation pump operation time and temperature controlled (optional)
Kermi x-buffer fresh water station as an expansion of the x-buffer layered buffer storage

5 year system warranty

Finally the new Kermi heating system has been installed. Or the Kermi ventilation system. Nothing left to stop you feeling cosy at home. With our 5-year system warranty, we are happy to prove the quality of our products and our service promise to you.

Just three steps to a 5 year system warranty:

1. Have the Kermi system installed by a specialist company
2. Have Kermi Customer Service commission the system (or in the case of ventilation systems, a specialist company)
3. Annual servicing by Kermi Customer Service or by a specialist company

Links for specialist partners

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IT solutions

Kermi EDP solutions for specialist partners
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