Optimise own consumption Heat generation by Kermi meets energy storage by Fenecon

Electricity can be produced sustainably with solar panel systems among others. A reason for Kermi to continue to optimise their energy-efficient heating technology components. On that account, the sustainable Kermi system x-optimised expands water-based heating solutions with smart electrical solutions. The combination of heating and electricity storage promises even more efficiency. You own consumption can be increased substantially here. That is why Kermi is cooperating with the storage producer Fenecon – for future-proof heating solutions, self-sustaining to the greatest possible extent.

Electricity and heat generation combined: Increase your own consumption with the Kermi system x-optimised and electricity storage and make yourself less dependent on energy utility companies.

  • Efficient system for cost and CO2 savings
  • Relief from the electric supply networks thanks to the use of self-generated electricity
  • Intelligent energy management with decreasing purchase of electricity
  • More economic independence from fossil resources
  • Decentralised electricity generation and consumption
  • Mains parallel and isolated operation mode possible
  • Security of supply thanks to emergency power supply function

Save electricity costs long term

... with Kermi and electricity storage systems by Fenecon

Whether using domestic ventilation, using design radiators or steel panel radiators, or with underfloor heating: Anyone who uses one's self-generated electricity right off the roof, increases one's own consumption share. Special heat pumps are future-oriented solutions, as the heat can be exclusively obtained from regenerative energies.

Kermi x-change heat pumps

x-change heat pumps

x-buffer heat storage

Kermi x-center control

x-center control

Kermi x-net panel heating/cooling

x-net panel heating

Kermi therm-x2 steel panel radiators

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Kermi bathroom and living room radiators

Bathroom and living room radiators

Kermi x-well domestic ventilation

x-well domestic ventilation

Kermi plus Fenecon
Fenecon storage unit

Fenecon suits Kermi best: easily installed thanks to patented plug-in system.

Use electricity from the solar panel system better

Combination of heating and electricity storage.

Electricity storage systems by Feneco are an optimal extension in order for electricity from the roof to be able to be used in the Kermi system x-optimised more efficiently: You store the electricity you have produced to be able to supply your household with it at any time, from the washing machine to the lighting. Moreover, if the solar panel system supplies excess electricity, the storage system is charged up to a defined level.

Prefer to consume your own electricity.

If the battery storage cannot hold any more electricity, the heat pump is switched to an enhanced mode and thermal energy is stored in the x-buffer layered buffer storage tank. Only when all of these options are exhausted is the remaining excess electricity fed into the grid. That way, more of the self-produced solar electricity can be consumed. With purchases of electricity becoming increasingly unappealing, supplying the grid is reduced to a minimum as a result.

Optimise own consumption

Fenecon storage unit

Fenecon Pro Hybrid battery storage


  • Modularly configured and can be extended by 6.4 to 51 kWh
  • 9.9 kW charging and discharging output DC/hybrid storage
  • Excellent system efficiency
  • Efficient power inverter
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Smart grid compatible
  • Quality of a market leader


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Kermi and FENECON electricity storage systems 

With the 10,000 Houses programme Bavaria is supporting its citizens with energy saving measures in buildings with the "EnergieBonusBayern". For example, in this programme heat pumps with intelligent control (Smart-Grid-Ready) are subsidised with the TechnikBonus. The TechnikBonus can be combined with other subsidy programmes, in particular with the market incentive programme from BAFA.
You will find further information on the 10,000 Houses programme at