Kermi design radiator Fineo – aluminium radiator Ultra-thin design.
Kermi design radiator Fineo Plan – radiator made of aluminium. Lightweight and efficient.

Fineo® and Fineo® Plan Geometric look. Ultra-thin design.

With just 8 millimetres the front panel of the Fineo and Fineo Plan design radiators is ultra-thin. But enough though powerful enough to provide pleasant heating comfort. The ultra-thin radiators restrict themselves to the absolutely essential and blend into every home decor. Fineo with practical towel recesses is perfectly suited for kitchen or bathroom.

The radiators are also impressive thanks to their high efficiency: The integrated heating pipe made of copper only has minimum water content, i.e., it warms up fast and gives off heat at the optimum too. Thanks to the high efficiency, even at low temperatures, they are exceptionally well suited for low temperature systems.

Kermi design radiator Fineo Plan – ultra-thin radiator made of aluminium with clear geometry

Benefits Fineo and Fineo Plan

  • Ultra-thin design
  • Clear geometry with soft, rounded edges
  • Large practical towel recesses on Fineo
  • Lightweight aluminium front panel
  • Optimal heat dissipation and quick reaction time
  • Suited for combination with low temperature systems


Kermi design radiator Fineo – with its practical recesses, the perfect radiator for the bathroom


Comfort into the bargain: With two rounded recesses Fineo ensures pleasantly warm towels or clothes in a minimum of time. Ideal as a bathroom radiator or practical in the kitchen too.

Kermi design radiator Fineo Plan – clear geometry with soft, rounded edges

Fineo Plan

Lightweight and easy to operate, Fineo Plan goes with every furnishing style.

Kermi design radiators Fineo and Fineo Plan – centre connection detail

Fineo and Fineo Plan

  • Compact radiator for hot water operation
  • 50 mm centre connection
  • Radiators made of aluminium
Kermi design radiators Fineo and Fineo Plan

Soft, rounded edges emphasise the clear design.

Technical information


Heights 1400, 1800, 2000 mm
Length 500 mm
Depth 33 mm
Heat output 75/65-20 °C 573 - 815 watts

Radiator advice

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