State-of-the-art design. Heat via infrared. The Elveo design radiator combines state-of-the-art design with practical electric operation and pleasant heat via infrared. This infrared radiation that feels like warm sunshine quickly and directly affects the human body, as well as any other surfaces it irradiates. Short heating periods and even heat distribution let the heat be felt with pleasure out of the ordinary. Air and dust dispersion are minimised as a result and make the infrared radiator a special friend of allergy sufferers. The front panel made of single panel safety glass in white or black or with a mirror front and the high quality aluminium frame make it a design object in every room. The installation with an exceedingly short distance from the wall emphasises the perfect integration into the design of the room.

Elveo Infrarot Heizkörper im Wohnraum

Benefits Elveo

  • High quality white, black or mirrored glass front
  • Surrounding frame made of aluminium
  • For heating the room or heating towels
  • Friendly to allergy sufferers
  • Infrared radiator with all-electric operation
  • Ideal for a building without a central heating system

Awarded with

iF 2019 design award distinction
reddot 2019 award distinction


Infrarotheizkörper Kermi Elveo mit Spiegelfront

Elveo with mirrored front

  • With its mirrored glass front, it combines heating and a mirror in one
  • Infrared radiator for all-electric operation
Kermi design radiator Elveo – pleasant infrared heat in the living area.


  • Infrared radiator for all-electric operation
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Room heating function: option of installing vertically or horizontally. No possibility of installing a towel rail
  • Towel heating function: possibility of installing one or two open towel rails with chrome-plated surface on the side
Elveo with aluminium frame high-gloss
Elveo with aluminium frame black
Elveo with aluminium frame high-gloss
Elveo with aluminium frame white

The back of the glass front is coloured black or white. The surrounding frame made of aluminium can be polished in high-gloss or can selected to match the radiator colour.


Kermi design radiator Elveo – infrared radiator in the bathroom

As an option for heating towels in the bathroom one or two open towel rails can be installed on the side.

Kermi Designheizkörper Elveo mit Accessoires Handtuchbügel

Towel rail

Technical information


Sizes vertical 1000 x 600 mm
1500 x 600 mm
Sizes horizontal 600 x 1000 mm
600 x 1500 mm
Depth 30 mm
Heat output
Room heating version
510 - 800 watts
Heat output
Towel heating version
255 - 400 watts

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