Kermi Duett design and bathroom radiator in modern bathroom

DUETT® Classic bathroom heating design with dual power.

DUETT with its classic shape and double-layer construction completely meets the increasing demand for powerful heating in the bathroom at a cost-effective price-performance ratio. 2297 watt maximum standard heat output with a size of 1800 x 900 mm corresponds to additional output of 65 % in comparison to a standard bathroom radiator. This means the DUETT is also suitable for low temperature applications (e.g. heat pumps). With a wide range of sizes available and many colour designs to choose from, it meets all popular requirements. DUETT with its connections on the side and fitted with a 50 mm centre connection is optimal for planning and installation. It is also available for additional electric operation as well as DUETT-E for all-electric operation.

Kermi Duett design and bathroom radiator - classic bathroom heating design with double power


Detailed view of Kermi Duett design and bathroom radiator, lateral or centre connection
DUETT - Side connections or centre connection with optional valve shut-off block provide benefits during the planning and installation phases.
Kermi Duett-D design and bathroom radiator as replacement radiator
DUETT-D - The fast, efficient replacement solution for refurbishments.
Kermi Duett-E design and bathroom radiator for all-electric operation with WFS electrical set

DUETT-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:

  • Electrical set FKS
  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electric set WFS (see image)
  • Electrical set WRX

Also available as additional electric operation.

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x-link® plus

The perfect connection between design radiator and underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection to the compact bathroom radiator.

Further information about x-link plus

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