Kermi Mabeo Aero – all-electric bathroom radiator with fan

Mabeo® Aero Electric radiator. With auxiliary fan.

With its wide transverse pipes Mabeo Aero appears very straightforward and modern. As an all-electric radiator it is the optimum bathroom radiator in, for example, the a low energy house and passive house. Since central heating is often not available in these buildings, the cost-efficient solution is impressive thanks to the all-electric operation. Thanks to the integrated fan, the heat is delivered to the room considerably faster too. That way, the room reaches the temperature required even more rapidly.

Kermi design radiator Mabeo Aero – all-electric operation and integrated fan

Benefits Mabeo Aero

  • Wide, flat-oval transverse pipes
  • All-electric radiator
  • Fast, efficient heating thanks to the heating fan
  • Integrated control in the fan
  • Ideal for buildings without a central heating system


Elextric Kermi radiator Mabeo Aero with integrated fan

Mabeo Aero

  • All-electric radiator with auxiliary heating fan
  • The heating fan is installed on the bottom of the radiator at the rear
  • Radiator control directly to the heating fan
  • Radio thermostat available as an option
  • Fan in white for radiator in white, grey for colour


Kermi design radiator Mabeo Aero with towel rail

Towel rail

Kermi design radiator Mabeo Aero with towel hook

Towel hook

Technical information

Heights 1205, 1805, 1925 mm
Length 500, 600, 700 mm
Depth 44 mm
Heat output E-rod 750 - 1500 watts
Heat output fan 1000 watts