Kermi Geneo circle design and bathroom radiator in modern bathroom

GENEO® circle An all-round winner in terms of form, price and performance.

The GENEO circle already has what it needs to become a classic. Timeless, trendy form and convincing price/performance ratio. With a pleasantly elegant appearance and high output level. And maximum flexibility during planning and installation through centre or end connection as required. Also available in chrome on request to match classic bathroom taps. GENEO circle is also available with additional electric heating and as the GENEO circle-E for all-electric operation.

Kermi Geneo circle design and bathroom radiator - perfect all round in terms of form, price and performance

Version - GENEO circle E

Kermi Geneo circle-E design and bathroom radiator for all-electric operation with FKS electrical set

GENEO circle-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:

  • Electric set FKS (see image)
  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electrical set WFS
  • Electrical set WFC

GENEO Circle also available with additional electric operation on request.

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Towel hook for Kermi Geneo circle design and bathroom radiator
Towel hook
Towel rail for Kermi Geneo circle design and bathroom radiator
Towel rail

x-link® plus

The perfect connection between design radiator and underfloor heating.

The connection fitting with a white or chrome cover perfectly fits the 50 mm connection to the compact bathroom radiator.

Further information about x-link plus

Smart Home with x-center base

Heating control at home. Easy while out and about.

Simple and easy to control your electric bathroom radiator on your tablet.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want - Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi system x-optimised" conveniently conducts all the components of the heating system via smartphone and tablet. Other devices such as home lighting or shutters can be incorporated into the system.

Using x-center base, the headquarters of Kermi Smart Home, you can easily control bathroom radiators with  all-electric or additional electric operation while at home or while out and about and control the room temperature. For intelligent living and maximum comfort for a sense of well-being.

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