Kermi design radiator Basic-C – chrome radiators for your bathroom


The chrome surface of the classic design radiator Basic-C turns it into an attractive highlight in your bathroom. The vertical D-pipe profiles and slender design of the transverse pipes give the bathroom radiator a brilliant radiance. The connection to the central heating network is made via a 50 mm connection or at the bottom on the side. Additional electric operation is also possible and the towel radiator Basic-C E is available an an electric radiator to provide year-round warmth.

Benefits Basic-C

  • Classic, straight bathroom radiator
  • Vertical D-pipe profiles and slender transverse pipes
  • Compact radiators for hot water operation
  • Connections facing down or 50 mm connection at the bottom in the centre
  • Version with additional electric heating
  • Basic-C for all-electric operation
Kermi design radiator Basic-C with side connections


Kermi towel radiator Basic-C M with 50 mm centre connection

Basic-C / Basic-C M

  • Basic-C: Connections facing downwards at the sides
  • Basic-C M: 50 mm centre connection facing downwards
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