I like it cosy
I like it cosy. Kermi.

I like it cosy. Kermi.

At home within your own four walls. This is precisely where we yearn to be comfortable, in familiar surroundings, feeling safe and secure. The thermal comfort being right contributes significantly to our experiencing our home in this way, allowing us to relax and to rest.

I like it cosy. Kermi.

What makes the right thermal comfort? How do you measure being comfortable? At Kermi, we have been working on this for decades now. It all started with radiators and underfloor heating. Today, an optimal temperature in the rooms we work and live in is key to our well-being. We provide a feeling of security and being able to relax throughout the year with integral solutions for optimal warmth and thermal comfort in both new-builds and also in renovated old buildings. For this purpose, we utilise our expertise to sustainably combine water-based and electricity-based components to recover heat, store heat, control and transfer it, and for domestic ventilation.

Healthy thermal comfort affects many aspects of life. Feeling good is what we experience. Future-proof and sustainable products made by Kermi give you the security of knowing that you have made a good decision for the environment as well. The Kermi system x-optimised provides optimal energy efficiency thanks to sophisticated interaction between every element. You can rely on the high quality standard of Kermi components and products. It is seamlessly ensured from product development through production to final inspection. On top of that, the working cooperation with our specialist partners, pre-sales and after-sales service, and the large number of additional services we offer give you a good feeling about it all.

With our highly innovative solutions, we at Kermi provide your home with healthy, green feel-good warmth and fresh, clean air. To ensure you feel good at home!

For nearly six decades now, Kermi has been developing and producing thermal comfort and shower design products at their headquarters in Lower Bavaria. Today, Kermi is among the leading manufacturers in Europe in these areas. As a pioneer when it comes to economy and ecology, Kermi keeps setting standards in technology, design, and efficiency with approx. 1,300 qualified employees in Plattling, Germany and approx. 700 colleagues in Stribo in the Czech Republic.

Everything for healthy thermal comfort

Sustainably generate heat. Store heat energy over the long term. Selectively control heat. Efficiently transfer heat. And ventilate your living space in a controlled manner. This is the innovative and integral approach of the Kermi system x-optimised.

Everything for healthy thermal comfort

The Kermi efficiency formula

Die Kermi Effizienz-Formel

Approach the future systematically

Comfortable warmth and controlled ventilation are what affect your well-being in your work and living space. Heating and ventilation are mutually dependent. The groundbreaking Kermi system x-optimised offers a range of benefits for sustainable heating and ventilation technology.

In the past, the proportion of water-based systems using fossil fuel energy sources was high. This has changed considerably. Regenerative electricity production is consistently supplying more electricity, making this energy an important building block in a modern heating concept. Today already, Kermi is cleverly combining the water-based and electricity-based components in the system x-optimised, thereby enabling particularly sustainable use of energy, providing healthy thermal comfort. The system thought is paramount, the heart of which is modern management of energy and comfort levels. It optimises the interfaces, minimises energy losses between system components, and improves the energy efficiency by miles. The innovative x-buffer layered buffer storage is optimally adapted to the mode of operation and the efficiency of the x-change heat pump. Heat transfer has a clearly defined place within the system. Domestic ventilation ensures dust-free and pollen-free fresh air which results in the best air quality in the room possible.

And the system approach goes even further. Components that fit together and are perfectly tailored to each other mean greater safety & security. Kermi's unique Plug & Heat principle   unites the parts of the installation which belong together. The intuitive operation of the system makes it easy to optimally control it in daily use.

Improving energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the entire system is the result of the x-fold optimised components and their perfect interaction. Each component is designed to be highly efficient in its own right. The x-fold optimisation between individual components considerably increases the efficiency of the whole system even further. Having all system components from a single source means additional quality and planning security.

All parts of the Kermi system x-optimised have been developed by Kermi or under Kermi's direction, using state-of-the-art technology, and have been subjected to strenuous testing. This means that “x-optimised” is an x-fold promise for x-fold performance thanks to the intelligent use of components based on water or electricity.

The Kermi system x-optimised controls the interaction of the sections with a view to detail and demand.

That is what Kermi system x-optimised means

Components in our Kermi system x-optimised

12 good reasons for Kermi system x-optimised

Comfort from a single source

The whole is more than the sum of its individual parts. Particularly if every part is high performance, works reliably, is of high quality, and meets modern design requirements. Nothing less will do as far as we at Kermi are concerned.

Comfort from a single source

One contact person for one system

Every building has different framework conditions and requirements.. With Kermi you have a competent partner for optimal heating and thermal comfort by your side when building housing. With the integrated water-based and electricity-based solutions from a single source, not only are efficiency and energy saving guaranteed, but also feeling comfortable and pleasantly warm. Even with complicated structural conditions in an existing building, heating and thermal comfort systems made by Kermi provide a significant advantage. Because the components are also highly efficient and innovative during energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings.

This is what Kermi system x-optimised means

Functionality combined with attractive design

Functionality and design have always been combined at Kermi. When developing all of our products, we work every day toward combining them which each other at a high level. Prizes and awards for innovative technological solutions and product design are the result. This means you can rely on the quality, functionality, and design of all aspects of Kermi brand products and systems.

Kermi system x-optimised

Heat transfer with innovative heating systems


The development of unique, innovative x2-technology is setting a standard with the therm-x2 steel panel radiators which – thanks to the patented operating principle – repeatedly achieves top ratings with regard to energy efficiency and comfort. The exceptionally wide x-net panel heating/cooling programme provides the perfect basis for extensive heat dissipation with a high proportion of radiant heat. Electricity-based components which intelligently integrate into the overall concept also make up part of the system.

There is a wide range of bathroom and living room radiators to choose from. Convectors are high-powered specialists for rooms with large window surface areas where they quickly provide cosy warmth. Heating panels are popular with the high proportion of cosy radiant heat they produce. The aesthetic design of Kermi Decor round pipe radiators offers completely new options when designing your living space. And the customised styling and first-class workmanship make Kermi design radiators value-added design elements in bathrooms and living spaces. The designs beautifully complement modern architecture. Numerous models have won prestigious design awards.


Generate heat with the x-change heat pumps

They are a future-proof alternative to generating heat and making hot water available – and that to a large extent with a self-sufficient energy supply. The virtually silent x-change heat pumps are suitable for almost all installation situations in single-family and two-family houses.

Storing heat with the x-buffer heat storage units

The layered buffer storage units with intelligent temperature layering and high quality insulation are an ideal supplement for storing the heat and making it available as heating warmth or hot water as required. Compact battery storage units from our cooperation partners store the energy generated in the solar panel system for the operation of all electrical consumers.

Control heat with the x-center energy and comfort management

The energy and comfort manager is the central control. It controls the system and ensures a smooth interaction between the components with maximum efficiency. The operation is intuitive and also very easy using external mobile devices.

Better room air with x-well domestic ventilation

x-well domestic ventilation maintains thermal comfort in every room throughout the year. Using a controlled ventilation system, exhaust air and moisture are conveyed to the outside and replaced with fresh air.

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