Construction and housing sector

solutions for the construction and housing sector renovation, modernisation, and new-builds

As a specialist for modernisation, renovation, and new-builds, we are in a position to offer the construction and housing sector a complete, seamless programme which is unique with regard to energy efficiency.

With matching heating systems for

Single family houses

Kermi construction and housing sector single family house

Multi-family houses

Kermi construction and housing sector multi-family house

Residential complexes

Kermi construction and housing sector residential complex

A complete system for satisfied residents and tenants with few complaints.

"We have been installing products from Kermi GmbH for many years now. With Kermi energy saving radiators, such as the therm-x2, the owners and tenants in our properties can save up to eleven percent energy. For us of course, it is a convincing argument in favour of letting or respectively selling our residential units.”

Martin Dornrieden
Managing Director of Dornieden Generalbau GmbH in Mönchengladbach

Martin Dornrieden, Managing Director of Dornieden Generalbau GmbH in Mönchengladbach

A complete system for satisfied residents and tenants with few complaints.

"We have been installing products from Kermi GmbH for many years now. With Kermi energy saving radiators, such as the therm-x2, the owners and tenants in our properties can save up to eleven percent energy. For us of course, it is a convincing argument in favour of letting or respectively selling our residential units.”

Martin Dornrieden
Managing Director of Dornieden Generalbau GmbH in Mönchengladbach

Solutions and benefits thanks to Kermi

Kermi system x-optimised

In the Kermi system x-optimised heat generation, heat storage, heat control, heat transfer, and living space ventilation interact perfectly. Interfaces are optimised, energy losses between system components minimised, and energy efficiency improved many times over.

The x-fold optimisation of every component in the interaction considerably increases the efficiency of the whole system even further. Depending on the type of construction, type of house, and fittings, with the Kermi system x-optimised and using Kermi Smart Home energy savings of up to 36 % are possible.

Kermi system x-optimised

Heating control at home. Easy while out and about.

Simple and easy control of your heating system with your heat pump on your tablet.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want - Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi system x-optimised" conveniently conducts all the components of the heating system via smartphone and tablet. Other devices such as home lighting or shutters can be incorporated into the system.

Using x-center base, the headquarters of Kermi Smart Home, you can easily control your x-change dynamic heat pumps while at home or while out and about. This allows you to control individual rooms as well as the entire heating system using timer programmes or scene creation, such as Holiday or Party modes. For intelligent living and maximum comfort for a sense of well-being.

Find out more

Healthy thermal comfort for modern new-builds.

Advantages of the central system

  • Certification according to the Passivhaus Institut (PHI)
  • High efficiency factor and high electric efficiency
  • Low acoustic power level
  • Integrated automatic summer bypass
  • Simple operation – five steps
  • Filter change indicator (time-controlled)
  • Pre-heating coil and pressure sensor can be integrated as an option

Further information about x-well central domestic ventilation

The plus for the construction and housing sector

The window soffit version is ideal for new-builds.

  • Ease of installation
  • No wall bores required
  • Visually sophisticated solution


Kermi window soffit version

Heating and cooling with a heat pump.

x-change heat pumps

  • Highly economical and energy-efficient
  • Easy installation and high assembly safety – Plug & Heat principle
  • Optimum adjustment to the current heat demand thanks to the wide modulation range
  • Available in several performance levels
  • Optimised design for operation as quietly as a whisper
  • Power to Heat: intelligent use of excess PV electricity
  • High coefficient of performance (COP)
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Optimum solution for refurbishment, renovation, and new-builds
  • Attractive state subsidy programmes possible

Further information about x-change heat pump


Optimum use of energy. Perfect interaction.

x-buffer heat storage

  • Efficient storage
  • Low operational losses
  • High storage capacity
  • Versatile and flexible in use
  • Easy placement and installation

Further information about x-buffer heat storage units

Kermi x-buffer heat storage

x-center control

For an optimal result. And a regulated process.

The x-center controller controls the Kermi system x-optimised and guarantees efficient and resource-saving operation of the heating system by regulating the flow temperature. Equipped with a clearly arranged display, the x-center controller is proving to be extremely user-friendly in the process. We intentionally kept it easy to use and decided in favour of a intuitively identifiable screen design. Thanks to this user-oriented user interface with clear menu guidance, it is straightforward and really easy to use the Kermi system x-optimised. This means the device can be controlled without any problems after being given brief instructions when the system is commissioned.

5 year system warranty

Finally the new Kermi heating system has been installed. Or the Kermi ventilation system. Nothing left to stop you feeling cosy at home. With our 5-year system warranty, we are happy to prove the quality of our products and our service promise to you.

Just three steps to a 5 year system warranty:

1. Have the Kermi system installed by a specialist company
2. Have Kermi Customer Service commission the system (or in the case of ventilation systems, a specialist company)
3. Annual servicing by Kermi Customer Service or by a specialist company

Heat pump consultation

Kermi consultation and information

Sound level and sound insulation

With their exceptionally effective sound and vibration absorption Kermi heat pumps generate scarcely more noise emission than a ticking alarm clock.

Further information about sound level and sound insulation for heat pumps

Kermi consultation and information

Optimise your own consumption

Save electricity costs long term with Kermi and electricity storage systems by Fenecon.

Further information about optimising your own consumption

x-net panel heating/cooling

Surface temperature control systems have now become standard both in private and commercial new-builds as well as when carrying out modernisation work. The x-net underfloor heating/cooling from Kermi is particularly quick and easy to install and is ideal for a low cost, environmentally friendly combination of all energy-efficient heat sources.

More comfort. More options.

  • Diverse systems provide safe and secure solutions for every application
  • Solutions for standard configurations, thin layer configurations, or high sound insulation requirements
  • Comfort thanks to pleasant radiant heat
  • Energy efficiency thanks to low system temperature
  • Design freedom for new-builds, modernising old buildings or when renovating
  • EnEV-compliant and energy-saving: reduction of unnecessary heat dissipation from feed pipes passing through thanks to x-net connect
  • Heating and cooling in one system

The plus for new-builds

  • legally based on rulings handed down by the Federal Supreme Court of Justice (BGH) regarding sound insulation
  • Separation of trades involved in installation

The plus for modernisation measures

  • renovation and refurbishment while occupied
  • can be laid without chiselling and demolition work
  • extremely low installation heights
  • compatible with various floor coverings

The plus for the construction and housing sector

Sound insulation in residential buildings and non-residential buildings Particularly suited for the higher requirements of impact sound insulation:

x-net C12 tacker system

  • Unbeatably fast insulation laying
  • Impact sound: system panel 35-3 with a dynamic stiffness of 10MN/m³ and an impact sound improvement factor of 33 dB

x-net C16 clip system

  • Unbeatably fast installation
  • Universal on any substrate, e.g. mineral wool insulation, when a high level of noise control required


Kermi underfloor heating x-net C12 tacker system
Kermi underfloor heating x-net C16 clip system for heating and cooling

The plus for the construction and housing sector

Renovation solution - ideal for renovation thanks to low installation height:

x-net C15 thin layer system
x-net C13 dry system

Kermi underfloor heating x-net C15 thin layer system for heating and cooling
Kermi underfloor heating x-net C13 dry system for heating and cooling

The plus for the construction and housing sector

x-net connect – the solution for implementing the mandatory EnEV for underfloor heating even in small rooms.

  • Realisation of the individual room control in accordance with the energy saving ordinance (EnEV) requirement
  • Impact sound reduction in accordance with EPS DES sg 30-2
  • Increased impact sound protection in accordance with EPS DES sm 35-3
  • Meets the increased sound insulation requirements according to VDI 4100
  • Can be used for various x-net systems
  • Quick and reliable processing
  • Allows absolute flexibility regarding layout of pipes

Tip from the expert: “Installing insulation hoses in the flow and return takes almost just as much time.”

x-net connect

Kermi x-net connect – EnEV-compliant underfloor heating

therm-x2 steel panel radiators. The radiator for the housing sector.

With the innovative, patented x2-technology the energy-saving therm-x2 radiator is setting new standards. With serial flow through the radiator panels, in comparison to conventional  radiators, it saves up to 11 % more energy, generates up to 100 % more comfortable radiant heat and its heating period is up to 25 % faster. Another huge advantage: Thanks to these strengths, the therm-x2 harmonises perfectly with modern heat sources, in particular with the heat pump.

Comprehensive programme. Short delivery times.

  • All sizes: short or long, low or high, flat or deep
  • All types: Type 10, 11, 12, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33
  • All front versions: Profile, Plan, Line
  • All connection options: compact version, valve version, centre connection
  • Durable protection thanks to hot-dip galvanised or anti-corrosion coating
  • Hygienic version: the clean solution for special requirements
  • Renovation solutions: quick, clean radiator replacement thanks to DIN connection dimensions
  • Versatile accessories
  • Availability of the radiators  on short notice thanks to a comprehensive wholesale network

The plus for new-builds

  • energy savings of up to 11 %
  • 100 % more radiant heat
  • preset valves save time and costs
  • can be combined with all heating systems
  • compliance with VDI standards

The plus for modernisation measures

  • uncomplicated replacement while occupied
  • 100 % more radiant heat
  • avoids problems, unnecessary complaints and costs
  • rent apportionable in accordance with § 559 BGB 

The plus for the construction and housing sector

x2-technology – the patented x2 principle of serial flow in every Kermi steel panel radiator.

all Kermi steel panel radiators

Further information about x2-technology

The plus for the construction and housing sector

Rent apportionable in accordance with § 559 BGB – modernising with therm-x2 can be apportioned to rent.

Further information about ability to apportion to rent

Kermi therm-x2 steel panel radiator costs can be allocated to tenants

The plus for the construction and housing sector

100 % more radiant heat can save costs. Fewer complaints because of cold radiators can definitely save bother and costs. 

Sample calculation:
30 min craftsman's work (60 € / hr.) + travel to and from the site
-> 30 € + 30 € = 60 € / complaint
Complaint in approx. 3 % of the housing stock
For example, 30000 dwellings x 3 % = 900 complaints / year
-> 900 x 60 € = 54000 € savings / year

100% more radiant heat can save costs

Wowi valve. The valve insert for the housing sector.

Even though most radiators are hydraulically balanced in theory, this balance is no longer provided immediately deviations from the design basis occur. Particularly at peak times with high heating demands, the radiators can be supplied at different levels.

The Wowi valve from Kermi is the solution for this problem.

To carry out the hydraulic balancing, the new valve insert with integrated flow control only needs to be adjusted to the required amount of water depending on the radiator output and system temperatures. And that is extremely simple: The specialist tradesman will find the right adjustment value for the respective radiator at a glance thanks to an appropriate overview. The valve then controls the maximum flow independently of any differential pressure fluctuations which may occur.

This ensures that oversupplying the radiators is prevented, even when other residents turn their radiators on or off. Unnecessary complaints, for example if the radiators are too cold, are now a thing of the past.

Valve insert with dynamic flow control.

  • Even supply of all radiators in the loop
  • No complaints from residents because of radiators that are too cold, for example
  • Cost saving, as differential pressure controllers in the loop usually become superfluous
  • Supports trouble-free operation even for existing buildings with an unknown pipe system
  • Time savings, as unavoidable differential pressure dependent determination of radiator adjustment values no longer necessary
  • Saving energy costs due to high energy efficiency
  • Grant amounting to 30 % through the subsidy programme “Optimisation of the heating system” from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

The plus for the construction and housing sector

With Wowi valve - Hydraulic balancing using valves with dynamic flow control.

Kermi radiators with Wowi valve

Without Wowi valve

Radiators without Wowi valve

eccolution refurbishment system

The eccolution refurbishment system makes energy-efficient operation of one-pipe systems with modern low temperature heat sources possible. Only a few components need to be installed or replaced to afford an optimum supply of every radiator.

Kermi eccolution refurbishment system

Refurbish one-pipe systems efficiently. Control efficiently.

  • Approx. 14 % lower heating costs with low temperature heat sources*
  • Approx. 18 % lower heating costs with calorific value heat sources or heat pump technology*
  • Approx. 80 % lower electricity consumption for mass flow circulation in regulated one-pipe heater circuits
  • More energy savings thanks to using Kermi radiators with x2-technology

Source: Study conducted at the Technical University of Aachen, Prof. Rainer Hirschberg, EngD: “Hydraulischer Abgleich in Einrohrkreisen – Energetische Bewertung” (Hydraulic balancing in one-pipe circuits – energy-technical evaluation)

The plus for modernisation measures.

Design and bathroom radiators

Kermi design radiators provide solutions for every living situation and for all construction requirements. So a Kermi design radiator can set a course – for new-builds as well as for renovation. With versatile design. With many options for custom colour selection. And with the certainty of reliable functionality and longevity.

Customised styling. First-class workmanship.

  • Classic hot water operation – compact version, valve version, centre connection
  • Additional electric operation – Can be operated either via the central heating or independently of it.
  • All-electric operation – without central heating.
  • Renovation solutions – replacement radiators that match the hub distances of old DIN radiators exactly. Replacement without dirt and costly renovations.
  • x-link plus – direct connection to the underfloor heating.

The plus for new-builds and modernisation

  • Wider range of sizes for use in every construction situation
  • Refurbishment while occupied
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Connection dimensions are designed for DIN radiators
  • High heat output
  • Barrier-free

The plus for the construction and housing sector

Additional electric operation and all-electric operation – ideal between the seasons.

Further information about electrical solutions


Kermi Basic-50 design and bathroom radiator for all-electric operation
Kermi Basic-50 design and bathroom radiator with additional electric operation

The plus for the construction and housing sector

Replacement radiator – easy replacement thanks to matching hub distances.

Casteo Kermi Decor

Kermi Casteo bathroom and design radiator as replacement radiator

Your Kermi team

Our team is always there for you – contact us. Providing individual advice and optimal support is a matter of course for our widespread network of field and inside sales representatives.

Markus Kolitsch, Uwe Bosbachm and Denny Sprung are you direct contacts and will find the right solution for you. They are looking forward to hearing from you!

Markus Kolitsch, Key Account Manager, Construction and Housing Sector

Markus Kolitsch

Key Account Manager, Construction and Housing Sector

Southern / Eastern Region

Telephone +49 9931 501160

Uwe Bosbach, Key Account, Construction and Housing Sector

Uwe Bosbach

Key Account, Construction and Housing Sector

Western Region

Mobile +49 160 90726994

Uwe Bosbach

Key Account, Construction and Housing Sector

Western Region

Mobile +49 160 90726994

Project design by Kermi

Project design by Kermi

The concept of service plays an important role at Kermi, as customer satisfaction is our top priority. That is why Kermi manages the entire Kermi heating system project for their customers – including heat pump, domestic ventilation, and heat transfer. To ensure safe and secure installation of all components, the responsible specialist company will be given all calculations and plans, such as hydraulic, electrical, and installation plans, based on the Kermi project design.

Installation by specialists

Installation by specialists guaranteed

In numerous training sessions run by Kermi service technicians for specialist companies or installers on location, Kermi provides assistance and advice to the specialist companies and therefore ensures that the Kermi system components are installed correctly for you, the customer. A qualified Kermi service technician is available to support you when commissioning the heat pump systems, ensuring seamless operation of the entire heating system. Components that fit together and are perfectly tailored to each other mean security during installation and in daily use.

Expert contact persons

Expert contact persons – 24 hours a day

Kermi service is available to you 365 days a year all around the clock – even if your heating system has already been installed. On top of the five-year warranty, this is how Kermi ensures that your questions and issues concerning Kermi heating system components are processed quickly to your complete satisfaction. And if required, our own engineers driving customer service vehicles equipped with spare parts will quickly be at your side.

Save money with Kermi

You save money with Kermi

When using an x-change heat pump from Kermi, you can also save up to 9300 euros. And that is quite simple: Around 40 percent of the energy is currently being consumed in buildings. For that reason, innovative heating systems, such as Kermi x-change heat pumps which make a significant contribution toward reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, are subsidised on a national, regional and local authority level. A good incentive for you to invest in the future-proof Kermi x-change heat pumps right now.

Kermi is a member of the

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