DIVEO® Functionality meets comfort.

Combining heating comfort in the bathroom with an exemplary price-performance ratio could not be nicer. The elegant stylish design introduces heating comfort to every bathroom in the most beautiful way. The characteristic 4 block division of the horizontal heating pipes opening at the side makes it easy to slot in towels at any height. In addition to the numerous gaps for towels, a towel hook is also available to directly hang up your dressing gown or clothes.

The flexibility provided by asymmetric or central connections is exemplary with Diveo, with the heating pipes which can be open on the left or right side as you choose and three heights and two lengths. In addition to that, the wide range of colours available includes the right shade to suit all tastes - from classic sanitary colours to strong, bright colours and the brilliant retro-metallic look.

Kermi Diveo design and bathroom radiators - functionality and comfort rolled into one
Kermi Designheizkörper Diveo


Detailed view of 50mm centre connection for Kermi Diveo design and bathroom radiator
Optionally, transverse pipes open on left or right. With 50 mm centre connection or side connection.
Detailed view of lateral connection for Kermi Diveo design and bathroom radiator
Kermi Diveo-E design and bathroom radiator for all-electric operation with WFS electrical set

DIVEO-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:

  • Electrical set FKS
  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electric set WFS (see image)
  • Electrical set WRX

DIVEO also available in additional electric operation on request.

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Chrome-plated towel hook for Kermi Diveo design and bathroom radiator

Towel hook, chromed


universal design customer favourite 2014 - Kermi Diveo design and bathroom radiator
universal design award 2014 Kermi Diveo Design- und Badheizkörper

Universal Design is the strategic answer from design in response to changes in society. Universal Design combines various disciplines in the design of products, services, architectures and technologies in communication with users.

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