Kermi Designheizkörper - Ventilheizkörper für Warmwasserbetrieb Edition Metallic classic-kupfer


Trendsetting heating-design or an exceptional design object? Ideos embodies both in an absolutely unique way. Star-shaped elements combine into a fascinating whole distinctive appearance. With the appealing interplay of positive and negative, with shining brilliance and floating, light transparency. Ideos - more than an idea ahead. Consistently designed down to the last detail. In the V-version, an element adopts the panel function and conceals the complete connection. At the same time, the thermostatic sensor head is perfectly integrated into the design of this single element. And even in the compact version, the fixing point on the front for example is not visible. 

Ideos-V Designheizkörper im Bad
Ideos - Kompaktheizkörper im Badezimmer
Kermi Ideos - Designheizkörper mit organischen Formen


Kermi Ideos-V design and bathroom radiator with integrated valve fitting and 50mm connection

Ideos-V - Version with integrated valve fitting and 50 mm connection.

Detailed view of Kermi Ideos design and bathroom radiator, connection of flow and return

Ideos - Flow and return connections in the side manifold pipes.

Ideos-E rein Elektro - Heizkörper von Kermi

Ideos-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:

  • Electric set WKS (see image)
  • Electrical set WFS
  • Electrical set WFC

Also available as additional electric operation.

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Kermi Ideos Designheizkörper in circonsilber Metallic mit Handtuchhaken

Towel hook

Towel ring for Kermi Ideos design and bathroom radiators

Towel ring

Towel rail for Kermi Ideos design and bathroom radiators

Towel rail