Design and bathroom radiators

Why design and bathroom radiators from Kermi? For discerning bathroom and living area architecture

A radiator does not always need to be white and rectangular. From simple, contemporary elegance to extravagant elementary construction: with Kermi design radiators you give bathrooms and living areas your personal touch.

Show stylish individuality and design your rooms with unique heat aesthetics. Because room design should not be limited by rigid conventions when it comes to radiators. Rather your radiator should contribute towards the harmony in your living rooms.

We know that unmistakeable heat design is not just a question of shape. With Kermi design radiators, you do not have to skimp on comfort and heat output despite courageous design. With Kermi design radiators you benefit from the customary flexible connection variants and have the option between additional electrical or all-electric operation, and can digitally control your radiator via Kermi Smart Home .

At a glance: Kermi design radiators


Highest quality standards not only apply for the construction of Kermi design radiators, but also to the perfect workmanship and brilliant surface finish. The optionally invisible Kermi Corrosion protection offers optimal durability in particularly damp rooms so that you can get pleasure from your Kermi bathroom radiator for longer.

Electric operation

Kermi design and bathroom radiators with additional electric operation can either be operated via the central heating or independently. Additional electric operation is the perfect solution for the transitional period in the spring and autumn: The central heating is often already (or still) on summer mode and there is the occasional cold day - particularly unpleasant in the bathroom. Kermi design and bathroom radiators in all- electric operation are the perfect solution wherever there is no central heating.


The range of  Kermi design radiators covers a large number of radiators with various lengths, heights, and heat outputs. This means you can always find the perfect radiator for your individual requirements. As a replacement radiator many models fit for example on the hub distances of your old DIN radiator and make it very easy for you to change over to comfortable feel-good warmth.

Colour concept

Discover Kermi bathroom and design radiators in simple as well as trendy RAL colours and Metallic paint. Or in the Chrome collection with exclusive ambiance and distinctive, chromed panel design (available for many different design radiator models). Get inspired!


Comfort does not stop with greater heat output and simple installation. Smart accessories turn design and bathroom radiators from Kermi into real all rounders. 


Kermi is continuously working on new ways of thinking and production processes to manufacture radiators in a way to conserve resources. Because real show radiators do not only set the benchmark for heat output and room design, but also for progressive, environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Kermi design radiators and shower enclosures

Are you planning a new bathroom? Of course, a suitable shower enclosure for your new bathroom should not be missing. Our Kermi shower programme follows clear styling and harmonises perfectly with your new Kermi bathroom radiator.

With a floor level, Kermi wet floor systemtiled through out, an elegant Kermi shower enclosure and for example a classic, timeless Kermi TABEO, you not only have excellent design in your new bathroom: You will also create a feel-good oasis for all generations. For example, the thermostat of the TABEO-V is attached so that it can be reached without having to bend over. The new wet floor system can be accessed without any trip hazard and thanks to KermiCLEAN the shower enclosure is easy to clean.

Design radiators and shower enclosures from Kermi mean experiencing beauty and comfort as one. What could possibly be in the way of your personal feel-good bathroom?