Indoor climate

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Thermal comfort makes us excited. We have been providing warmth and fresh air at home and at work since 1960 – because we know how important warmth is for our health and well-being. With our heating products, heating, and ventilation systems, we are making a sustainable contribution towards a healthy environment and thermal comfort for all.

Kermi Indoor climate

We want to create the greatest possible well-being and thermal comfort with our products and solutions. The room air temperature, surface temperatures, air velocity, and relative humidity of the room air all contribute towards this. When we feel that these variables are balanced in a room, we are talking about comfort – regardless of whether there is a storm and it is snowing outside or the sun is making temperatures rise. With our products, we have a direct and holistic influence on this. This gives people in their living spaces the highest possible sense of well-being and maximum energy efficiency within their own four walls. Today we supply the market with heat pumps, heat storage units, controls, radiators, panel heating/cooling systems, and controlled residential ventilation. The individual components and the integrated systems are environmentally friendly, economical, and highly efficient, in both new-builds and when renovating. For Kermi it is important that our products make a sustainable contribution towards reducing CO₂ emissions from residential buildings.


Kermi x-optimised

Optimise for maximum energy efficiency and optimal thermal comfort. Optimising all of our products and solutions is what we are passionate about every day.Optimising all of our products and solutions is what we are passionate about every day. At the same time, we don't want to forget the most important thing: healthy thermal comfort. The Kermi x-optimised message visibly gets to the heart of our passion and our promise. This label marks the particularly high performance and energy-efficient products in every category. They can be combined in any way and basically always fit together. The more products you combine, the greater the benefits. This means significantly lower energy costs, less CO₂ emissions with greater thermal comfort and an optimal indoor climate.

With “Kermi x-optimised” we are giving you a binding system promise to provide an integrated heating concept with intelligent solutions. From efficient heat generation to energy-conscious heat transfer and sustainable residential ventilation.

x-optimised products at a glance

A Kermi x-optimised system is created if two or more products from our product range marked with the “Kermi x-optimised” label are combined. Here, the components in the system are so precisely coordinated with each other that their optimised interface management gives rise to verifiable energy savings potential. The bottom line is significantly lower energy costs, less CO₂ emissions, and all this with greater thermal comfort and maximum cosiness.