Kermi System x-optimiert

This is what "Kermi system x-optimised" means

Kermi system x-optimised

For x-times optimisers. And for x-times savers.

  • The "Kermi system x-optimised" is a universal heating concept with solutions ranging from efficient heat generation to energy-conscious heat transfer.
  • It regulates the interaction between the individual components with a view to detail and demand
  • Components in the system are so precisely coordinated with each other that this optimised interface management opens up additional energy savings potential

Ultimately that means considerably lower energy costs, less CO2 emissions and all of that with increased heating comfort.


  • Save money
  • CO2 avoid
  • Components which are perfectly coordinated mean security during installation and in daily use
  • Optimised interface management minimises the energy loss between the individual system components
  • Can be expanded at any time
  • Clear energy savings potential
  • Is ideal for new-builds and renovation

For feel-good warmth. And for x-optimised togetherness.

Switch on the heating for a sense of well-being. What appears simple at first glance, requires an x-optimised control system in the background with many individual components. Feel-good warmth needs to be generated, saved, controlled and then transferred to the various consumers.

Planned better

Here a heat pump, there a storage tank, in addition to that, the underfloor heating and the design radiator in the bathroom ... Comfortable warmth in your living and work rooms is created by the interaction of many parts. It's good if it all comes from a single source and if the parts are guaranteed to be coordinated with each other. If you decide in favour of the sustainable heat pump technology for new buildings and renovations, with the “Kermi system x-optimised” you have a coherent overall concept where everything fits together. You will save money, you will save energy, and you can count on the quality and reliability of the products. With Kermi you have a partner by your side who plans and develops all the key components.

x-optimised – that is the Kermi promise.

Energy savings up to 36 %.

Optimum networking and efficient control are the lynchpins of heating. Especially with coordinated system solutions, however, there is no need to worry about this: In the Kermi system x-optimised with Smart Home solution, all components are intelligently controlled and optimally coordinated with each other. In combination, they make full use of their strengths – for energy savings of up to 36 percent.

Save money. Use energy sensibly.

Cost-saving and extremely efficient, the “Kermi system x-optimised” provides high levels of comfort with low energy consumption. This high level of energy efficiency comes from the perfect coordination of all the components. The system has a modular structure: Depending on the planning, the heating system can be expanded at any time. Each and every component of the heating system is already individually designed to be extremely efficient, but the x-times optimised interfaces between individual components also considerably increases the efficiency of the whole system even more.  

Kermi system x-optimised components

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Dissipate heat into the rooms.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

The energy saving radiator:

  • Patented x2-technology of therm-x2 with 100 % increased radiation component for optimal heat output.
  • Up to 11 % energy savings possible.

Benefits when renovating:

  • Simple replacement of old radiators thanks to identical connection dimensions.

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Bathroom and living room radiators

Dissipate heat into the rooms.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

  • Emphasis features in the bathroom, kitchen or living room with shape, colour and accessories.
  • Supplementary to underfloor heating or as a powerful stand-alone unit.
  • Adaptation to your personal interior design thanks to a wide range of colours to choose from.
  • Kermi DUETT with double heat output, the solution for larger bathrooms.
  • Additional electric operation or all-electric radiators which are independent of the central heating network.

Benefits when renovating:

  • Easy and simple exchange thanks to precise synchronisation of the connection dimensions to the hub distances of DIN radiators.

Bathroom and living room radiators

x-net panel heating/cooling systems

Transfer the heat into the rooms.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

  • Heating comfort with impressive sound insulation.
  • Little installation effort.
  • Particularly quick and easy to install.
  • Large range of different models available with more than 9 different systems
  • Low cost, environmentally friendly combination of all energy-efficient heat sources.

Benefits when renovating:

  • The x-net C15 thin layer system with a height starting at 17 mm is the perfect solution for low floor mounting.
  • Suitable for all substrates – quick robust and universal: the x-net C16 clip system.
  • versatile lightweight for renovation: the x-net C13 dry system.
  • Laying the underfloor heating/cooling with virtually no dirt, demolition, and chiselling work.

x-net panel heating/cooling systems

x-change heat pumps

Generate the heat.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

  • An investment for the future which offers attractive subsidy options.
  • Savings measures through energy-efficient, sustainable heating design.
  • Efficient heat generation using air, water, and earth.
  • Low sound emissions.

Benefits when renovating:

  • Space-saving and easy to transport.
  • Kermi offers a special solution for transporting the heat pump into the cellar: All parts of the system fit through an 80 cm door because all the preinstalled connections are on the same plane.
  • The x-buffer layer buffer storage unit can be tilted due to its special floor construction and can therefore also be set up in a low cellar. 

x-change heat pumps

x-buffer heat storage tanks

Store the heat energy.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

  • Low operating costs.
  • Use energy efficiently.
  • Savings measures through energy-efficient, sustainable heating design.
  • Storing heat with as little loss as possible.
  • Space-saving in the cellar.

Benefits when renovating:

  • Ideal tilted dimension for light transport.
  • Refurbishment also possible while house is occupied.

x-buffer heat storage

x-well residential ventilation

with heat recovery controls the extraction of CO2 and moisture to the outside and brings in the fresh air

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

x-well residential ventilation

x-center energy management
x-center control

x-center control

controls the heat supply systematically.

Benefits for new-builds and renovation:

  • Ensures efficient operation, conserving resources.
  • Simple control of heat pumps x-change dynamic or compact, radiators and panel heating/cooling via PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Cost and time savings thanks to remote servicing.
  • Maximum comfort by implementing individual timer programmes defined by the user or scene creation (holiday and party modes).
  • Real Plug & Play makes it easier to connect all components without knowledge of programming.
  • The open protocol of the EnOcean wireless interface makes combination options with products from other manufacturers possible, e.g. window contacts or light.

Benefits when renovating:

  • No cabling to the radiator controller and therefore no electrical installation required.
  • Easy to retrofit to the product.

x-center control

X good reasons

1 Quick and uncomplicated: Because everything fits together perfectly.

Sustainable heat generation. Long-term heat energy storage. Targeted heat control. Efficient heat transfer. Controlled residential ventilation. This is the innovative heating system from Kermi. With an integral approach, the “Kermi system x-optimised” offers a range of benefits when talking about future-proof heating technology. The emphasis is on the system concept: to produce components that are guaranteed to match and are perfectly coordinated, thus ensuring safety during installation and in everyday use.

Solutions for the housing sector

Kermi system x-optimised

2 Satisfied customers: Modulating operation reduces electricity costs.

Whereas most heat pumps are consistently designed for full capacity, the Kermi x-change WPLA, WPLI, and WPS heat pumps always provide the heat output that is required at that moment. With the modulating operating mode, i.e. by controlling the output, an optimal degree of efficiency can be reached, particularly in the frequently required partial load range. Here, the Kermi heat pump manager regulates the speed of the fan, storage charge pump and brine circulation pump. And that independently of each other, as the individual circuits are not linked to each other and can be set separately. This saves power and the whole system works more economically, saving more resources.

3 Virtually silent operation: Can hardly be heard even next to living rooms.

Heat pumps are frequently used near living rooms, they do not require a classic boiler room. A particular feature of the Kermi x-change heat pumps is therefore that they operate quietly. Particularly good sound insulation of heat pumps set up indoors is one feature. The other is modulating operation which controls the speed of the fan and compressor. Noise emissions from the x-change heat pumps which can be modulated are significantly low compared to conventional heat pump models. And: Kermi supports you when selecting the best installation location.

4 Layer buffer storage unit: Save energy with perfect layering.

The ideal addition to a Kermi x-change heat pump are the efficient x-buffer layer buffer storage tanks. They work with the particularly energy-saving layering process which Kermi has registered a patent for. Turbulence and therefore mixing of cold and warm layers of water which is energy efficiently unfavourable is virtually ruled out thanks to the innovative construction. This allows the storage unit to provide a constant temperature without requiring any additional energy. And: Kermi x-buffer layer buffer storage units are designed to be connected to a second heat source, such as biomass, oil, or gas and can also be combined with a thermal solar panel system.

5 They always fit: designed for the tightest installation conditions.

Low cellar rooms in existing buildings could be a problem when modernising the heating. Not however, if the whole system has been designed to be particularly compact and space-saving. This is why a new innovative floor construction has been developed for the largest component, the x-buffer layer buffer storage unit. This means that the tilt dimension (diagonal) is hardly any bigger that the setup dimensions. And also the clever arrangement of the connections makes insertion and installation quicker and easier - the particularly small door dimension makes it possible. The variable air flow of the x-change WPLI heat pump set up indoors provides additional options for an uncomplicated setup.

6 Plug & Heat: This is what easy installation looks like today.

Forget unsorted connections. Defined connection sizes with a unique diameter and geometries are easy to assemble, simplify installation and thanks to simple allocation, save a lot of time and provide additional security. Important here: Extra connections make it easy and uncomplicated to extend the system at any time.

Kermi x-buffer heat storage

7 Heat pump plus use of self-generated electricity: The perfect response to increasing electricity prices.

You also have a response to increasing electricity prices with an x-change heat pump: using self-generated power by connecting up to a solar panel system. The Kermi energy manager is responsible for the controller here. It records the data from the electronic energy counter and controls own use or feeding it into the public power grid. Apart from that, Kermi heat pumps in connection with the Kermi energy manager meet all the requirements of the Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V. (bwp) for connecting heat pumps into an intelligent power grid.

Kermi energy manager

8 Public funds: This added advice helps sell.

Around 40 percent of energy is currently being consumed in buildings. For that reason, innovative heating systems such as Kermi x-change heat pumps which make a significant contribution towards reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions are subsidised. 

9 Support from Kermi: Where ever you need us.

Kermi not only supplies heating systems and technology, but as a competent partner, offers a comprehensive range of services for heating engineers. Where ever you need support: in planning or when calculating the complete system, incl. heat pumps, storage units and heat transfer. with preparing your offer and submitting it. with on-site instruction, commissioning the heating system, with marketing or providing customer advice. We are here for you.

Kermi service

10 24 hours, 7 days: that is what service is like today.

And once the heating system has been installed, we are of course still there for you to provide you and your customers with comprehensive support. From the company service centre which is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to the Kermi on-site check. And if required, our own heat pump engineers driving customer service vehicles equipped with spare parts will quickly be at your side. At weekends as well.

11 Quality advantage: Without doubt a good feeling.

All Kermi products are developed and manufactured according to our own high quality standards. For this reason, you and your customer can rely on the highest functionality, reliability and long service life. And that is why we also stand by the high quality of our products. With the extended warranty according to the guidelines of the German Central Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning Association.

12 Kermi: The strength of a strong brand.

For more than 50 years now, Kermi has been developing heating technology products and is a reliable, strong partner with comprehensive know-how for both specialist retailers and engineers. The strength of the Kermi brand primarily comes from our innovative power and our practical experience. Apart from pioneering product solutions, we offer our specialist partners comprehensive support – for example, detailed prospectuses and technical documentation, comprehensive advertising materials, or a wide range of online offers. Always in focus here: Training and practically oriented advance training – on location with our specialist partners or in the new seminar centre Kermi:Campus in Plattling. All for success together!

Kermi:Campus seminar programme

Kermi history

Kermi:Campus training centre