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We have been bringing warmth into living and working spaces since 1960 - because we know how important warmth is for health and well-being. With our heating products, warming systems and ventilation systems, we make a sustainable contribution to a healthy environment and a comfortable indoor climate.

Kermi Indoor climate

Everything that is important to Kermi is the indoor climate: With our heating and ventilation products, we want to optimize the indoor climate in all living and working spaces, suitable for small and large, young and old. We continuously improve our products and systems in order to create better ones create in order to achieve performance values with lower energy consumption. It is essential to us that our products contribute to reducing the CO₂ emissions of residential buildings.


Optimize for maximum energy efficiency and optimal indoor climate.

Optimization drives us every day. And we don't want to forget the most important thing: a healthy room climate for maximum well-being. In the Kermi x-optimized message, we visibly get to the heart of our passion and our promise.

But Kermi x-optimized is more than a promise. Optimization is in each of our products and solutions. This label identifies the particularly powerful and energy-efficient products in each category. These can be combined as desired, and basically always fit together. The more products are combined, the higher the benefit. All in all, this means even lower energy costs and less CO₂ with maximum heating comfort and an optimal indoor climate.

Products Kermi x-optimized