Product design awards

Our high standard of successfully  combining design and functionality is particularly evident in the good design of our products. In cooperation with the creativity of expert designers, products that redefine heating are created in our development department. This sense of style and quality stands out – with numerous important design awards.


reddot design award
Universal Design Expert
Kermi Leveo Design Flachheizkörper

Leveo | The designer steel radiator with a smooth front and no edges on the sides.

Kermi infrared radiator Elveo

Elveo | Modern design with practical electric operation and pleasant heat via infrared.

Kermi Diveo design radiators

Diveo | Characteristic division into 4 blocks makes it easy to slot in towels.

Kermi Signo bathroom radiators

Signo | With square heating surfaces for great accents in any room.

Kermi Tabeo design radiator in the bathroom

Tabeo | With towel rails that protrude dynamically from the surface.

Kermi Credo plus bathroom radiator with thermostat at a user-friendly height

Credo plus | Elegant radiator with user-friendly, centrally positioned thermostatic sensor head.

Kermi Duett bathroom radiator – powerful heat output, excellent price.

Duett | Classic bathroom radiator with double-layer construction for powerful heating.

Kermi Casteo mit Elektro-Zusatzheizung

Casteo | With flat transverse pipes for absolute design purists.

Kermi x-change dynamic AW I

x-change dynamic AW I | Modulating air/water heat pump for indoor installation.

x-change dynamic AW E | Modulating air/water heat pump for outdoor installation.

Kermi x-change dynamic terra heat pump BW I

x-change dynamic terra BW I | Modulating brine/water heat pump.

Electrical set WRX

WRX controller | Wireless control unit is equipped with a touch display.