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Whether for new buildings or renovation – radiators from Kermi represent an established standard for everyone who wishes to combine highest quality with fresh appearance. As a room-oriented heating solution, they are a worthwhile investment, as they provide exactly the correct heat output and required level of heating comfort for every room situation.

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Residental ventilation

Healthy, energy-saving, cost-effective. Today, no one can avoid the subject of residental ventilation anymore. Energy-technical renovation of older buildings and new construction of low energy housing means it is necessary to ventilate the rooms in a controlled manner. To allow comfortable and proper ventilation, Kermi has developed the x-well residental ventilation system. With various versions for different types of application, Kermi x-well provides ideal, efficient, and easy-to-install residental ventilation systems for newly built houses as well as renovations.

Central systemDecentralised system

Heat pumps

The principle of a heat pump is extremely simple, the results are impressively economical and environmentally friendly. Heat pumps are currently the "greenest" and most energy effective type of heat source. And that with excellent future prospects.

A heat pump generates emission-free heat independently of fossil fuels. The heat pump extracts thermal energy from the air, water, or earth, depending on the model. In no time at all, a heat pump converts just one kilowatt of electricity into around 4 kilowatts of heat output.

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Kermi x-buffer Wärmespeicher

Heat storage

Generating heat is one thing, storing heat with as little loss as possible is another. Because the total amount of energy generated by the heat pump is not always completely used immediately. This is where the x-buffer buffer and domestic hot water storage tank comes into play. Regardless of whether it is a matter of comfortable heating warmth or hygienically perfect domestic water: heat storage is an important element in a future-oriented heating system.

x-buffer heat storage

Panel heating and cooling

Anyone who values optimum heating comfort and wants complete creative freedom will find Kermi is the optimal starting point: x-net underfloor heating and cooling systems ensure all-round cosy thermal comfort from the ground up, without any spatial limitations at all. Starting with the floor at a pleasant temperature which distributes gentle radiant heat evenly around the room. To healthy, hygienic comfort and system benefits completely geared towards the energy saving future, right up to sensitive control.

x-net panel heating and cooling

Kermi x-center base thermal control with radio communication

Kermi Smart Home with x-center base.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want - Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi thermal comfort x-optimised" conveniently coordinates all the components of the heating system via smartphone and tablet. 

x-center base: Kermi Smart Home

BIM-daten from Kermi

BIM (Building Information Modeling) enables a cross-trade, efficient planning, construction and execution of building projects. The standard offers planning security for architects, building engineers and builders during the entire course of the project. Kermi supplies his specialist partners with BIM-data for radiators, panel heating and cooling, residental ventilation, heat pump and storage. Kermi supports OpenBIM, so the data can be used in all standard CAD and TGA programs.

Kermi BIM-data for download

BIM-Daten für Wohnraumlüftung Wärmepumpe und -speicher


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