Sound insulation
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Sound insulation. According to DIN 4109 / VDI 4100.

The value of the sound insulation when planning a bathroom is an important aspect for quality of living. For this reason, providing protection from noise from water installations in the bathroom is particularly important. The applicable building regulation foundations are set out in DIN 4109 "Sound insulation in structural engineering".

DIN 4109 / VDI 4100.
In certain constructional situations, specifications regarding sound insulation need to be taken into consideration. For example, in public buildings or depending on the comfort requirements of the rooms, sound insulation must be complied with according to DIN 4109 / VDI 4100.

Kermi wet floor system

Kermi sound insulation mat

  • Always lay the Kermi sound insulation mat over the full surface area,  do not cut out pipes and drain trap, if applicable create an appropriate supporting surface.
  • Place the sound insulation mat on the surface and do not glue it.
  • Do not glue sound insulation mats onto each other.
  • Lay board / substructure on the sound insulation mat and do not glue it.
  • Sound insulation mats can be cut and laid abutting each other.

Board / Board with substructure

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Sound insulation mat

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Floor slab / levelling screed

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2 different Kermi sound insulation mats

Height 5 mm

Kermi wet floor system - Sound absorption mat - 5mm

NEW height 17 mm

Kermi wet floor system - Sound absorption mat - 17mm


Test certificates and statements can be found on our homepage ready to be downloaded (german):

Test report

Our sound insulation technical test certificates are based on typical practical sample installations. With higher installations, lower sound insulation values can be achieved.
The evaluation applies as an example for a 12 m2 sized room requiring sound insulation. The measurement of water splash sounds is made on the basis of DIN EN ISO 10052.
The installation heights of the Kermi wet floor systems can be seen in the sectional drawings, refer to the installation situations, serial part LINE wet floor system / POINT wet floor system for the current wet floor system and shower enclosure, prices and technology.