Cleaning and maintenance

Your Kermi wet floor system. A good clean solution.

Cleaning made easy.

The Kermi wet floor system is impressive with excellent cleaning and hygiene properties. This is important in hotel bathrooms and private bathrooms, but especially anywhere that there are particularly strict hygiene requirements, such as hospitals for example. The floor level tiled shower area can easily be cleaned in one go with the bathroom floor. You will struggle to find dirt-sensitive corners and edges - an ideal requirement for a clean, hygienic bathroom. And also cleaning out the drain which is often laborious becomes child's play, as it is easy to remove the cover on the drain and sieve.


Kermi wet floor system Point - Installation

Cleaning advantages

  • Flat, hygienic shower area without edges and ledges.
  • Problem-free care in one go with the bathroom floor.
  • Easy removal of stainless steel cover and drain trap to clean the drainage.
  • No additional tools required to remove the stainless steel cover.
Kermi wet floor system Line - Installation