Bezirksklinikum Regensburg

The facilities of the Oberpfalz region are distributed over three locations. In the Bezirksklinikum Regensburg, there are clinics and polyclinics for neurology as well as psychiatry, and also specialist clinics for childhood and adolescent psychiatry, for neurological rehabilitation and forensics, as well as the Institute for neuro-radiology. A care home, a vocational specialist school for health care and nursing and the Institute for Education and Personnel Development (IBP) are also located in Regensburg.

In Wöllershof, approx. 100 km north of Regensburg, you will find the specialist clinic for psychiatry with a psychosomatic department and a rehabilitation clinic for addictions as well as a care home for people who are psychologically ill.
In Parsberg, approx. 40 km to the west of Regensburg, there are a care home and special clinics for young drug addicts and also for lung and bronchial medical sciences.

Kermi GmbH is represented with heating panels and a total of 70 high quality shower enclosures in the Bezirksklinikum.

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Photo source: medbo KU