Betreutes Wohnen Bad Gögging

True to the motto “Live where others go on vacation”, ERL Immobiliengruppe built a new assisted living facility in the spa and vacation resort of Bad Gögging in 2017. Assisted living is designed to give those in need of care the opportunity to manage their lives largely independently, even at an advanced age.
The construction project offers sufficient space with 70 apartments, including two to three-room apartments or condo units. The house offers a spacious common room, a nursing bath, a fitness room, and a sauna with relaxation room.
Kermi GmbH contributed towards this construction project with 70 shower enclosures from its LIGA product range. Kermi shower enclosures level with the floor are perfect for making the building fully accessible.

Kermi products:


Kermi products – Betreutes Wohnen Bad Gögging

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