Adula Klinik

The Adula Klinik is one of two Dr. Reisach clinics for psychosomatics and psychotherapy. Due to its location in the Oberallgäu region, the clinic, which is situated in Oberstdorf, feature a direct view of the panorama of the Allgäu High Alps and has room for 150 acute and rehabilitation patients.
Since 2016, this has been one of Germany's top hospitals and clinics for the editors of Focu Gesundheit. It offers its patients a wide range of therapeutic services as well as sound physical medical care. Due to the emerging demand for additional single rooms, the Adula Klinik arranged for the expansion of the attics in House 1 and 2.
Kermi GmbH fitted the additional rooms created in the extension with high-quality shower enclosures from its RAYA range. These fit ideally into the ambiance of the rooms and provide additional well-being for the patients.

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Photo source: Dr. Reisach Kliniken GmbH & Co. KG