Shower enclosure for new-builds


Would you like to realize your own dream bathroom? Kermi can help you. With a wide range of products and comprehensive advice. From private homes to condominiums, Kermi is exactly the right point of contact. Whether it's a spacious Walk-In system for a luxury bathroom or a practical two part hinged door in a guest bathroom, Kermi always has the right shower solution at hand. To meet all requirements and for every budget. And if the standard solutions should not suit your situation, then Kermi offers the option of realizing completely individual dream showers via KermiEXTRA. Thus leaving nothing to be desired. 

Shower enclosure for new-builds
Kermi shower enclosure RAYA for new-builds

Guest bathroom

If there is not much room available in the bathroom, then it is even more important to choose the most suitable Kermi shower enclosure model. Because in this way, a comfortable shower solution can be created even in a small space, making every guest feel comfortable. 

Kermi shower enclosure NICA for new-builds

Family bathroom

A bathroom for the whole family should guarantee showering fun for everyone living in the house. Kermi offers a wide range of shower solutions for the family bathroom. And you have the option of customizing the shower enclosure using our special service KermiEXTRA so you can be sure that young and old will love it.

Kermi shower enclosure RAYA for new-builds

Small bathroom

Small bathrooms require a well thought-out room layout and furnishing. Kermi offers numerous shower solutions for small and tricky bathroom situations, depending on the needs and requirements of the user. As a standard model or alternatively as an individual special design.

Kermi shower enclosure PASA XP on bathtub for new-build

2-in-1 solution

For those who do not want to do without a bathtub or shower enclosure, Kermi bath screen attachments are the right choice. Because this turns a bathtub into a comfortable shower with a pure safety glass look in no time at all.

Kermi shower enclosure as a KermiEXTRA solution for new-builds

Wellness bathtub

Why not make your vacation start at home. With a Kermi XXL shower solution which you can customize just as you like using the KermiEXTRA special service. Thanks to the Kermi wet room system, the shower is of course level with the floor and free of tripping hazards. 

Kermi shower enclosure WALK-IN XB for new-builds

Luxury bathtub

The bathroom is a place of relaxation, so why not enjoy it with a little more luxury. If you choose to have a Kermi WALK-IN solution fitted, the room becomes more spacious and the open access gives you a feeling of freedom.