Kermi wet floor system Line - Bird's eye view

Quality at first glance. And at second.

The Kermi wet floor system offers quality, safety & security from the floor up. From the sophisticated floor construction, to the absolutely watertight connection, to the reliable drainage capacity.

Please pay particular attention to

  • expert preparation of the substructure
  • expert adhesion
  • adequate drying times and weighing down.

You will find detailed installation instructions with every board or

Installation instructions

Intelligent wet floor systems.

They look good. But even more important is the technology behind it. Kermi wet floor systems are impressive with their high drainage capacity, absolute watertightness, and intelligent design details, such as the integrated gradients or the sealed-in drain connection.

Kermi wet floor system Point - Detailed picture
Kermi wet floor system Line - Detailed picture

Safety & security from the ground up.

  • Sophisticated technology to ensure top installation security and watertightness.
  • Pressure-resistant, watertight board with an integrated slope made of high quality XPS extruded polystyrene hard foam.
  • Simple to glue in directly and tile thanks to special coating on both sides.
  • Permanently watertight drainage technology with a channel reliably sealed in the factory or respectively a sealed-in drainage trap / drainage connection.
  • Elegant channel cover or drainage cover made of high quality stainless steel.
  • It is simple to remove the channel cover, sieve, and drain trap.
  • Comprehensive program of standard dimensions.
  • Can be adapted on site to individual situations.
  • Wheelchair accessible with tile size from 50 x 50 mm.
  • Pressure-resistant, watertight substructure made of high quality XPS extruded polystyrene hard foam.
  • Certified noise protection according to DIN and VDI due to special noise protection mats.
  • Technically tested and approved.

Production in Germany

20 years guaranteed availability on all spare parts after discontinuation of model

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