LINE complete shower board
Kermi Walk-In Duschkabine auf Duschplatz Line - Detailaufnahme

LINE complete shower board The renovation solution.

With the LINE complete shower board, a completely level walk-in shower area can be realized quickly and easily while also being extremely attractive to look at with a good price. The LINE complete shower board allows the bathroom to be partially renovated with little effort, which means for example replacing the bathtub  with a floor level tiled shower area. The shower board is suitable for residential buildings, hotels, and private renovation. With a total height of just 70 mm, the LINE complete shower board E70 allows a floor level tiled shower in any renovation situation. The XPS shower board specially coated on both sides is absolutely watertight. The factory installed high quality drainage technology allows the water to flow away without any problems.

  • Sophisticated technology to ensure top installation security and watertightness.
  • Pressure-resistant, watertight board with an integrated slope made of high quality XPS extruded polystyrene hard foam.
  • Simple to glue in directly and tile thanks to special coating on both sides.
  • Permanently watertight drainage technology with a channel reliably sealed in the factory.
  • Elegant channel cover made of high quality stainless steel.
  • It is simple to remove the channel cover and drain trap.
  • Comprehensive program of standard dimensions.
  • Can be adapted on site to individual situations.
  • Wheelchair accessible with tile size from 50 x 50 mm.
  • Certified noise protection according to DIN and VDI due to special noise protection mats.
  • Technically tested and approved.
Kermi Walk-In Duschkabine auf Duschplatz Line



Concept shower enclosure WALK-IN XB on wet floor system LINE complete shower board E70 awarded

German Design Award Special 2016
Design Plus Award
Universal Design - Expert Favourite 2015
iF Design Award 2015


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