Kermi shower enclosure MENA with two part hinged door single panel with fixed panel and side wall (wall fitting)

MENA The classy one.

Elegant reserve. This is the ideal description of the shower enclosure MENA. It is characterized by its classy, modern design. MENA is available completely minimalist and made to measure, with wall fitting, or as a standard model with a wall profile for a stronger look. Without any frame at all, the high-quality metal fittings are shown to their best effect. But the shower appears virtually transparent even with the discreet, elegant wall profile. MENA looks good from every angle and will fit perfectly in any modern bathroom.

  • Modern, classy fitting and handle design.
  • Tactile and beautiful looking handles, fittings, and profiles in elegant Chrome or High-Gloss Silver or with a Black Soft painted surface.
  • Strong single panel safety glass.
  • High-quality anodized aluminum profiles in High-Gloss Silver or Black Soft.
  • Hinges and handles finished in high quality metal.
  • 180° two part hinged door comfort with rising hinge mechanism.
  • Integrated fitting technology flush with the inside of the glass.
  • Standard height 2000 mm or up to a height of 2200 mm individually made-to-measure.
  • Standard widths for all conventional shower trays and Kermi wet floor system or individually made-to-measure.
  • Comprehensive special dimensions program and special solutions from KermiEXTRA.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Tested in accordance with DIN EN 14428 (CE) and PPP 53005 (TÜV/GS).
  • A 20 year aftersales guarantee for spare parts after the model has been discontinued.
Kermi shower enclosure MENA with wall fitting



Perfect door guide

Smooth fittings inside for easy cleaning


Fixing MENA wall fittings and wall profiles

Fixing options

Reliable stabilization for shower enclosure MENA

Reliable stabilization

Easy clean shower enclosure MENA

Freely accessible corners

Practical transparent towel hook for the shower enclosure

Practical towel hook

High transparency

High transparency

horizontal sealing strip

Special water repellant effect

Kermi shower enclosure installation without floor sill

Additional seal included

Kermi shower enclosure MENA installation with floor sill

Finishes (depending on standard model)


Kermi shower enclosure Chromed

High-Gloss Silver

Kermi shower enclosure with High-Gloss Silver finish

Black Soft RAL 9005

Kermi shower enclosure with Black Soft finish RAL 9005

Glass options (depending on standard model)

ESG Clear

Kermi shower enclosures made of single panel safety glass

ESG SR Opaco

Kermi glass options – ESG frosted glass SR Opaco

ESG Gray

Kermi glass options – ESG coloured glass, Tinted Gray

The "Teflon effect" for your shower enclosure.

The easy-clean coating KermiCLEAN for safety glass is an ideal option if you want to have to clean less. The special surface coating prevents stubborn build-up of dried water droplets, soap residue, traces of dirt and limescale. This also prevents germs and bacteria which in turn improves hygiene. Of course this coating is not a "magic remedy" that saves you from having to clean. But if you occasionally have no time for this, it's not the end of the world. Comparable with the non-stick coating on your frying pan, residues are much easier to remove. Another plus point: You require much less cleaning agents which not only benefits your pocket, but also the environment.

Kermi glass - Kermi Clean coating

KermiCLEAN has been certified by an independent institute as suitable for use in homes, care homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, nurseries, and similar installations after expert technical hygienic assessment and stringent microbiological testing. During the test, TÜV has certified durability of at least ten years.


Every shower enclosure is unique.

Why should only your clothes and hairstyle be individual? With the Kermi special programme EXTRA you can give your shower enclosure, your walk-in or your glass bathtub screen your very own signature. Colourful surfaces, sand-blasted decorative glass, integrated mirror surfaces, all conceivable combinations of profiles, hinges, and handles are possible. As are special installation solutions that are well-suited to your spatial situation. Only your fantasy can define the limits. We find solutions to fulfil your personal shower dream.

Quality at first glance. And at second.

Your Kermi shower enclosure is not just a real eye-catcher. In addition to high-quality materials, its intrinsic values are also convincing. For instance, the strong construction that withstands the demands of a family´s everyday life. You can rely on our certified quality concerning major as well as minor aspects. Tested Kermi quality gives you the security of an all-round high quality, long-lasting product. The TÜV seal for stability, splash water tightness, and easy care, or the fact that all glass elements satisfy the most demanding requirements of the ESG standard attest to this. Perfection is the main focus during the processing as illustrated by the comprehensive quality, environment, and energy management. We also offer 20 years guaranteed availability on all spare parts after discontinuation of a model. First-class shower culture made in Germany, for more than 40 years. We also offer 20 years guaranteed availability on all spare parts after discontinuation of a model after a purchase date of January 1, 2008.
Find out more about quality of your Kermi shower enclosure here


Kermi shower enclosures - Quality Made in Germany with 20 years aftersales guarantee

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