Kermi's PASA two part hinged door single panel and fixed panel with mirror glass

Every shower enclosure is unique. With KermiEXTRA.

Why should you only be as individual as you please with your clothes and hairstyle? With the Kermi special programme EXTRA you can give your shower enclosure, your walk-in or your glass bathtub screen your very own signature. Colourful surfaces, sand-blasted decorative glass, integrated mirror surfaces, all conceivable combinations of profiles, hinges, and handles are possible. As are special installation solutions that are well-suited to your spatial situation. Only your fantasy can define the limits. We find solutions to fulfil your personal shower dream.


A smart solution: Use your shower enclosure as a mirror at the same time. High-quality Kermi mirror glass can be implemented in all straight single panel safety glass applications in 6 and 8 mm thickness. All-over, on the fixed panel, on the door, depending on how much mirror surface you want. Kermi mirror glass is a mirror without silver layer and with a multi-layer system containing chrome which is corrosion-proof and resistant to steam and cleaning agents. One more highlight: In case the light in the room is brighter than the light in the shower enclosure, you can enjoy an unhindered view to the outside. Can also be combined with an individual sand-blasted pattern and with easy-clean coating KermiCLEAN. Incidentally, a small number of transparent points (what are known as pinholes ) are completely normal. These may occur due to the manufacturing process and are not a cause for any complaint.

Kermi ESG mirror glass

  • is a mirror without a layer of silver
  • with a multi-layer system containing chrome
  • corrosion-resistant
  • insensitive to steam and cleaning agents
  • can be partially sand-blasted as an option
  • Available for all straight ESG panels in 6 and 8 mm glass

Special feature

If inside the shower enclosure it is darker than in the rest of your bathroom, you can see into the bathroom through the Kermi mirror glass. The reverse (light to dark) is not possible.

Kermi shower KermiEXTRA with Pasa two part hinged door single panel with fixed panel in mirror glass


KermiEXTRA ESG mirror glass on Kermi shower RAYA with two part hinged door single panel

RAYA two part hinged door, single panel with ESG mirror glass and side wall with ESG tinted gray

Kermi shower enclosure WALK-IN XB with fixed panel as standard part with mirror glass from special product range KermiEXTRA

Mirror glass optionally as standard model on WALK-IN XB: e.g. WALK-IN PASA Wall with towel rail and WALK-IN XB fixed panel in line with mirror glass

Kermi shower WALK-IN XS Wall via KermiEXTRA with mirror glass

WALK-IN XS Wall via KermiEXTRA with mirror glass and fixed panel in line with angled cut panel with clear glass, attached with PASA fittings


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