Every shower enclosure is unique. With KermiEXTRA.

Why should you only be as individual as you please with your clothes and hairstyle? With the Kermi special programme EXTRA you can give your shower enclosure, your walk-in or your glass bathtub screen your very own signature. Colourful surfaces, sand-blasted decorative glass, integrated mirror surfaces, all conceivable combinations of profiles, hinges, and handles are possible. As are special installation solutions that are well-suited to your spatial situation. Only your fantasy can define the limits. We find solutions to fulfil your personal shower dream.


Colors are ideal for emphasizing the mood of your bathroom. Give your shower enclosure a personal touch! Using sanitary colors, you can match your shower enclosure in color to the ambience of your bathroom, for instance your Kermi bathroom radiator. The nature edition includes fresh, expressive colors. The ethno color shades are warm and earthy. Using the luxurious matt surfaces of the soft edition, you can enhance the high-quality optics of your bathroom. Stylish metallic surfaces set trendy accents. Additionally, all standard RAL colors are possible.

KermiEXTRA - Handles Atea (colour: solaris Ethno)
KermiEXTRA - Fittings Diga (colour: solaris Ethno)

Sanitary colors

*standard color or via KermiEXTRA

white, RAL 9016*

Kermi EXTRA - Farben - RAL 9016 (weiss)


Kermi EXTRA - Colours - manhattan (grey)


Kermi EXTRA - Colours - soft cream (natura)

red, RAL 3003

Kermi EXTRA - Colours - ruby red, RAL 3003


Kermi EXTRA - Farben - Ägäis


Kermi EXTRA - Farben - Edelweiss


Kermi EXTRA - Colours - pergamon (beige)

bahama beige

Kermi EXTRA - Colours - bahama beige

blue, RAL 5002

Kermi EXTRA - Colours - ultra marine blue, RAL 5002


Kermi EXTRA - Farben - Schwarz

pure white, RAL 9010

Kermi EXTRA - Colours - pure white, RAL 9010


Kermi EXTRA - Colours - jasmin (beige)

yellow, RAL 1004

Kermi EXTRA - Colours - yellow, RAL 1004


Kermi EXTRA - Farben - Calypso (türkis)

Soft edition

A luxury satin surface with a silky soft effect.

white, RAL 9016 Soft

Kermi colour concept white RAL 9016 soft

manhattan soft

Kermi Farbkonzept manhattan Soft

black soft

Kermi colour concept black soft

pure white, RAL 9010 soft

Kermi colour concept pure white RAL 9010

bahamabeige soft

Kermi Farbkonzept bahamabeige Soft

pergamon soft

Kermi colour concept pergamon soft

aegean soft

Kermi Farbkonzept ägäis Soft

Nature edition

The glorious hues of nature. Fresh and impressive.

citrus Nature

Kermi colour concept citrus nature

purple nature

Kermi colour concept purple nature

oliva nature

Kermi colour concept olive nature

crocus nature

Kermi colour concept crocus nature

mais nature

Kermi Farbkonzept mais Nature

lavender nature

Kermi colour concept lavender nature

Ethno edition

More popular than ever: The warm, powerful shades of exotic cultures.

**rough surface 

solaris Ethno**

Kermi colour concept solaris ethno

terra ethno**

Kermi colour concept terra ethno

inka ethno**

Kermi colour concept inca ethno

carmina ethno**

Kermi colour concept carmina ethno

Metallic edition

The glamorous retro styling of the '50s. Classically interpreted in brilliant metallic colors.

**rough surface 

graphite metallic

Kermi Farbkonzept graphit Metallic

heliosgold metallic

Kermi colour concept heliosgold metallic

bright silver metallic

Kermi colour concept gloss silver metallic

classic-copper metallic

Kermi colour concept classic copper metallic

circonsilver metallic

Kermi colour concept circonsilver metallic

matt bronze Metallic**

Kermi Farbkonzept mattbronze Metallic

Color variations between screen and original colors are  unavoidable.

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