Kermi Impressions

Shower enclosure RAYA and wet floor system LINE

Kermi Impressions

Anyone who likes straight lines would do well to get this bathroom. The shower enclosure RAYA with clear, linear design, smooth profiles, and ergonomic handle design gives this bathroom a quality look.

Kermi shower enclosure RAYA

The shower enclosure RAYA, here as a corner solution with a two part hinged door single panel with fixed panel and side wall, is also functionally unbeatable. Thanks to two part hinged door technology with the rising hinge mechanism and an intelligent adjustment and size system, RAYA will fit in virtually any bathroom.

Kermi wet floor system LINE with center channel

Behind the floor level LINE shower board system you will find an ingenious system. The factory-set optimum slope ensures that the water always runs in the right direction. Here with a center channel cover.

Kermi bathroom radiator Ideos

Perfect harmony – with the Kermi bathroom and design radiator Ideos.


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