Kermi innovations

Kermi innovations

Who seeks will find. The more innovative solution

Your daily life is always an inspiration for our new products and innovations. Such as the soft open / soft close mechanism of the NICA sliding door or the unique magnetic guide rail of the LIGA sliding door. Always new ideas are added to make your shower experience more perfect.

Soft open / soft close mechanism shower enclosure NICA by Kermi
Soft open / soft close mechanism of shower enclosure NICA

Soft open / soft close mechanism

The integrated soft open  and soft close function of the sliding door NICA make it possible to open and close the doors gently and comfortably. 

Magnetic guide rail

The LIGA sliding door is uniquely scratch-resistant and easy to clean with sliding door panels without hooks or horizontal profiles, but with a magnetic guide rail and a completely smooth floor profile on the inside.

LIGA sliding doors with magnetic guide rail
movable side walls by Kermi
Side wall movable by Kermi

Movable side walls

With our movable side walls or those movable in sections, problem situations which frequently occur in particular in small bathrooms can easily be solved – without any complex and costly made-to-measure products required. Every movable side wall is also easy-clean and allows optimal ventilation when the door is closed.

Hinged folding doors

The hinged folding doors can easily be folded against the wall to save space. For maximum freedom of movement, even in the smallest room.

LIGA U-shape solution
LIGA U-shape solution
LIGA U-shape solution
Cleaning Kermi shower enclosures
Cleaning LIGA shower enclosure
Cleaning Kermi shower enclosure

Problem-free care

Integrated fitting technology, flush with the glass surface on the inside or sliding elements which are easy to unhook and can easily be swung inwards: A neat solution which is easy to clean. Our recommendation: Select KermiCLEAN easy-clean coating for your safety glass. The extra-smooth surface coating with a “Teflon effect” ensures, for example, that water droplets, soap residue, or dirt does not even get a chance to stick.

Horizontal sealing strip

It is easier for water spray to escape if the shower enclosure is installed without a floor sill. A special horizontal sealing strip with water repellant effect ensures pleasing splash water protection.

Sealing strip Kermi shower enclosures
special handle for Kermi shower enclosures which is retractable at the push of a button
special handle for Kermi shower enclosures which is retractable at the push of a button
Special retractable handle for Kermi shower

The patented special handle that retracts at the press of a button, is a perfect solution for all those who prefer more comfort during cleaning.



Retractable handle