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Kermi shower enclosure - Pasa XP - On Point wet floor system

Aus Liebe zum Duschen. Kermi. Kermi specialises on space for showering.

Kermi Walk-In shower enclosure on Line wet floor system

Since the first shower enclosures in 1976, our  Kermi products for showering stand for being easy to install, watertightness, cleanliness, durability as well as for a good looking and pleasant to touch experience. By specializing purely on the space for showering - with a large range  of shower enclosures and by focusing offer for the floor level wet floor system, we are trade partner number 1 and have a suitable solution for all bathroom and shower situations. As a specialist for the shower, there is a high degree of  being easy to install in every product for the tradesperson, as well as perfect functionality, ergonomics and universal range of shapes for the end customer.



When designing our shower products, we pay our full attention to making them functional, meaningful, and universal. The harmonious integration of attractive, timeless looks, a handle that caresses your hand at every touch and sounding solid with every move all describe the special Kermi aesthetics of the shower products. Trends and new technological opportunities inspire us. We interpret them for the market with our own design philosophy. Our shower products units technical-practical and aesthetic features in their design, regardless of whether we are talking about standard products or made-to-measure products. In any case they can be used for a long time.

"Anything that Kermi introduces to the market is sensible and fair". Material quality is high. The technology in our products is extremely sophisticated, mature, precisely designed in great detail, has been well tested, and is easy to use. We are always trying to perfect our shower solutions carefully and considerately. This applies to advance consultation, measuring, order processes, processing, manufacturing and delivery processes, as well as for user-friendly further development of materials, product features and product shapes. You can rely one hundred percent on the quality and variety of our shower products.

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