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Feeling 360° good Holistic. Efficient. Innovative.

Feeling 360° good – Our promise for top heating comfort and maximum efficiency. With our Kermi system x-optimised designed to be holistic, we offer innovative technologies, products, and solutions – to make you feel good without compromise.

Kermi System x-optimiert +e


To us, optimised thermal comfort means the ideal and efficient integration of all building services components. With a perfectly tuned system, you can feel 360° good.

Energy efficiency

The basis of an efficient heating concept is optimal interconnection of all components in the system. The modular design of the Kermi system x-optimised allows both partial implementation of individual components as well as integral networking. This allows you to save the most energy.

Further development

Optimisation and new development are our top priority. We have significantly expanded our portfolio in the area of electric solutions to meet your requirements for new applications. Discover the new possibilities our system provides – now also available as an electric version with the system x-optimised +e.


x-optimised +e not only means perfect harmony between our products, but also optimal cooperation between you and us. As a competent partner, we offer our specialist customers a comprehensive range of services – uncomplicated, reliable and trustworthy.


Steel panel radiators

For us, versatile heat transfer means offering precisely the steel panel radiators that make you feel entirely good. Get inspired by the wide range of Kermi models and colours available and by the efficient and sustainable technologies.

Technology leadership

Kermi regularly sets new standards as a technology leader. By inventing serial flow with patented x2 technology, we ensure the greatest possible efficiency and comfort in new buildings and when renovating.

Model variety

Come to us and discover the most comprehensive steel panel radiator portfolio on the market. With an endless variety of dimensions, possible connections and colours, we cater for all customer requirements – regardless of whether water-based or with the new electric variant x-therm +e available from 2019.

Optimised packaging

Kermi focuses on a constant desire for optimisation. With our new packaging developed in 2018 for all steel panel radiators, we offer maximum protection from transport to completion of the building accompanied by simplified handling with resource-conserving use of materials.

Kermi x-therm +e Flachheizkörper rein elektrisch

x-therm +e

Kermi Flachheizkörper Verteo

therm-x2 Plan and Line
at height 750

Kermi Flachheizkörper Verteo

at height 1200 and 1400

Kermi Flachheizkörper Verteo

Verteo Type 10
at length 300 and 800

Design radiators

With our wide range of heat transfer options, we can offer you precisely the design radiators you are looking for. Be impressed by our diverse range of shapes, applications, and colours.

Variety of design

There are no limits to the individual shapes Kermi can supply. Discover our wide range of design and bathroom radiators with various different styles and a wide range of materials. Regardless of whether you desire straight-line shapes or an extravagant design, you will find the appropriate radiator.

Electric versions

As varied as the design, so extensive the application possibilities of the Kermi design radiators. The perfect solution for every application. In addition to the water-based models with connection to the central heating, there are also variants with additional electric heating or all-electric radiator. Brand new: the purely electrically heating radiator Elveo combines modern design with practical electrical heating and soothing infrared heat.

Kermi Designheizkörper Decor-Arte Plan

Decor-Arte Plan

Kermi Designheizkörper Decor-Arte Line

Decor-Arte Line

Kermi Designheizkörper Decor-Arte Pure

Decor-Arte Pure

Kermi Designheizkörper Elveo


Kermi Designheizkörper Fineo Plan

Fineo Plan

Kermi Designheizkörper Fineo


Mabeo Aero

Panel heating and cooling

Panel heating and cooling

For us, versatile heat transfer in the area of panel heating and cooling means providing the suitable system to meet all requirements – regardless of whether underfloor, wall, or industrial panel heating.

Full solution provider

With our comprehensive portfolio of x-net panel heating and panel cooling, you will be impressed by our solutions for every possible application – regardless of whether for wet or dry rooms or when renovating. The new electric underfloor heating system as well as a new insulation-free klett system complete the Kermi range on offer.

Special solutions

New requirements and our customers' desire for customised solutions drive us forwards. As the inventor of the insulation-free x-net C16 Clip system and the x-net connect Plus solution which comply with standards according to the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV and VDI 4100, we have once again set the benchmark in the industry.

Ease of installation

We are also trying to provide the optimal installation solutions. The innovative tools developed by Kermi make installation easy, improving your processing speed. Get impressed by the x-net unrolling unit or the x-net C16 clip former.

Kermi x-net +e11 Elektroflächenheizung

x-net +e11
electric panel heating

Kermi x-net connect plus

x-net connet plus

Kermi Fußbodenheizung x-net C17 Klettpanel

x-net C17 klett panel

Kermi x-net Wohnungsstation

x-net apartment control unit

Heat pump and storage

Heat pump and storage

We are securing future heat generation by using natural, sustainable energy. Discover our environmentally friendly heat generation and sustainable methods of saving natural energy.

Optimisation of own consumption

Our x-change heat pumps guarantee you sustainable operation by incorporating free solar energy you have generated yourself. In perfect harmony with both hot water and electricity storage, it also ensures maximum efficiency and self-sufficiency in a single-family houses or apartment buildings.

Sound insulation

Thanks to the construction with optimised sound and vibration insulation, the Kermi heat pumps are extraordinarily quiet. In addition to that, the night-time reduction mode included in the x-change dynamic air/water heat pumps can also be activated.

Kermi Wärmepumpen x-change dynamic

x-change dynamic air/water heat pump

Kermi x-change dynamic Sole/Wasser-Wärmepumpe

x-change dynamic sole/water heat pump

Kermi x-buffer combi Puffer- und Warmwasserspeicher

x-buffer combi buffer and hot water storage

Kermi und Akkuspeicher Pro Hybrid Fenecon

Battery storage FENECON Pro Hybrid

Residental ventilation

Residental ventilation

Controlled exchange of air means optimum protection of the building substance thanks to flexible adaptation of the ventilation units to every installation situation.


Mit den Kermi x-well Wohnraumlüftungen haben wir bereits für alle Neu-, Alt- sowie Bestandsbauten bei Ein- und Mehrfamilienhäusern Standards gesetzt. Lösungen für die Wohnungswirtschaft erfordern spezielle Produkteigenschaften. Unser neues Lüftungsgerät F130 ist platzsparend und leise und damit die ideale Lösung für kleine Wohneinheiten.


Durch zahlreiche Komponenten für die zentrale und dezentrale Wohnraumlüftung finden Sie bei uns Lösungen auf all Ihre Anforderungen. Auf dem Weg zum Vollsortimenter überzeugen wir jetzt auch durch unsere neuen Design-Luftdurchlässe, Sole/Luft-Erdwärmeübertrager und dem Luftdurchlass SEA500-E mit einem integrierten elektrischen PTC-Heizelement.

Kermi x-well F130

x-well F130

Kermi x-well Sole/Luft-Erdwärmeübertrager

x-well brine/air-geothermal heat exchanger

Kermi x-well A20 / A21

x-well A20 / A21

Kermi x-well Zuluft-Durchlass SA500 mit PTC Heizelement

x-well SA500-E

Kermi x-well ALD11 / ALD12

x-well ALD12 / ALD11

Smart Home

Smart Home

With intelligent controllers, we offer high efficiency and operation, conserving resources – while always ensuring ultimate user-friendliness.

Smart Home

The heart of our Smart Home solution is the x-center comfort and energy manager. It safely controls all the components in the Kermi x-optimised system with great efficiency while conserving resources. The universal EnOcean interface also allows you to incorporate additional products.

Versatile controls

We offer you a wide range of room control options to control our products. These range from analogue starter models right up to digital design solutions, for example the WRX controller for the new Elveo design radiator. For more technical products, the x-40 controller offers a range of options, for example for cascading heat pumps and for integrated acquisition of heat quantities including COP determination.

Kermi Smart Home

x-center base

Kermi WRX Regler für Kermi Designheizkörper

Electrical set WRX for design radiators

Kermi x-net Regelung Komfort und Standard

Controllers for x-net panel heating and cooling

Kermi Dezentrale Regelung x-well Bedienelemente

Controllers for x-well residential ventilation

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