x-center base Control centrally and use feedback intelligently.


The x-center controller controls the individual components of the Kermi system x-optimised, ensuring that all processes run smoothly. This guarantees efficient and resource-saving operation of the heating system.

In the x-center controller, all ends converge. It controls the individual components of the Kermi system x-optimised and ensures that the warmth efficiently gets to where it is required at the time. At the same time it is extremely user-friendly because handling has intentionally been kept simple: The screen design is intuitive. The operator-orientated user interface with clear menu guidance makes the "Kermi heating system x-optimised" extremely clear and easy to use. The device can be optimally controlled even after just a short instruction during the commissioning procedure.

The Cloud-based control offers installation engineers and end users an uncomplicated and comfortable solution in the area of the "Internet of Things". There are flexible extension options using EnOcean wireless technology which can be used to link in other building technology elements, such as repeaters, window contacts or sensors for humidity or temperature. The applications ca be perfectly adapted to the daily routine of the house inhabitants and can also be operated while out and about.



Kermi x-center base: Kermi Smart Home control centre, for intelligent living

x-center base comfort and energy manager

  • Location-independent control via mobile devices
  • Can be networked with the -change dynamic heat pumps
  • Controlling time programmes or individual room control as well as whole heating system directly
  • The EnOcean wireless interface to make a connection with the individual control and closed loop control devices, e.g. radiator controllers or E heating rods in rooms without cabling
  • Can possibly be combined with products made by other manufacturers
  • Can be used quickly in both new-builds and when renovating
  • Real Plug & Play to connect all components without knowledge of programming
  • Reduce the flow temperature by also calculating external heat and assignment, thereby increasing the COP and making considerable energy savings

The function: Kermi Smart Home with x-center base

Easy to operate and with sophisticated internal workings, the x-center control directs the Kermi system x-optimised. Here as well, efficiency for the customer and environment are given top priority.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want. Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the Kermi x-optimised system conveniently coordinates all the components of the heating system via PC or tablet. The key component of Kermi Smart Home is Kermi x-center base. This device can be used to conveniently and easily address all the components of the Kermi system x-optimised via the Internet browser. After from additional comfort, Kermi Smart Home will impress you with its unique technology. By evaluating and preparing all space-related data in the x-center base, real demand-based flow temperature control is possible in association with other Kermi system x-optimised components. This means that the heat is made available room by room at the point in time that it is actually required. This creates a really comfortable climate and significant energy savings.



x-center base converts your home into a Smart Home in a few steps. The Smart Home system from Kermi simplifies your life in many situations, saves energy additionally and thus saves costs. Convenient, safe, energy-efficient. All Kermi components are perfectly harmonised with each other - heat generation with heat pump, heat storage, heat transfer with radiators or panel heating/cooling and controlled domestic ventilation.



x-change heat pump and x-buffer heat storage

Kermi heat pumps x-change dynamic and x-buffer heat storage are connected to x-center base through your heating system network.

x-well domestic ventilation

Kermi x-well domestic ventilation systems can be connected using x-center base.


The Kermi wireless radiator thermostat can be easily and simply attached to the desired radiators with valve. This radiator thermostat can then be connected wirelessly with the x-center base.

Design and bathroom radiator

For Design and bathroom radiators with all-electric operation or additional electric operation, an actuator can be integrated for all Kermi E-heating rods.

x-net panel heating and cooling

The comfort control for the x-net underfloor heating and cooling, which is attached to the wall in the respective room, is wirelessly connected to x-center base.

Simple to link in various third party components via the open EnOcean interface

Do you have any other devices which you would like to link into Kermi Smart Home? Via the EnOcean interface on the x-center base you can also link other products from different manufacturers into your Smart Home control system. This means that for example window contacts or lights can easily be controlled using your tablet.

Download Kermi x-center base compatibility list

enocean - Green. Smart. Wireless.
Photo-voltaic system (Integration via S0 interface)
Radiator control
Switch actuator
Window contact


  • Integrates all components of the Kermi system x-optimised
  • Integrates third party components via EnOcean interface
  • Free programming of different personal scenarios
  • Central and location-independent control is comfortable and easy - without any special software
  • "Power to heat": Use of self-generated PV electricity and SmartGrid capability
  • Adjustable timed programmes
  • Can be remotely controlled

Safety & security

  • Integrated module for remote servicing
  • Automatic information for customer and Kermi if the system malfunctions or an alarm is raised
  • Alarm message straight to your e-mail address
  • Presence simulation
  • Optional offline operation


  • Energy saving thanks to demand-controlled flow temperature control and evaluation of space-related data
  • Taking external and internal influences into consideration, the heat is made available room by room at the point in time that it is required
  • This ensures significantly more heating comfort and optimal energy efficiency
  • Consumption at a glance

The user interface: Smart Home with x-center base

Comfort at the push of a button - at any time and from anywhere.

The new software version is making Kermi Smart Home even more individual, intuitive and elegant. The focus is on even simpler operation and quickly grasping the most important functions. The Kermi x-center base can be used to conveniently and easily address all the components of the Kermi system x-optimised via the Internet browser. This creates a really comfortable climate and significant energy savings.

In addition to that x-center base offers you the option of remote servicing. This means that malfunctions during current operation can also be remotely diagnosed and rectified. Because in device management in expert mode, you have an overview of all the devices connected and their respective status.

Save on costs thanks to energy efficiency.

Kermi Smart Home with x-center base is part of the Kermi x-optimised system. It is therefore able to control all the components in the system  - and that quite easily and conveniently using your tablet. For maximum comfort for x-time optimisers and x-times savers.

As components in the system are so precisely coordinated with each other, this optimised interface management provides additional energy saving potential.

That is what Kermi system x-optimised means

12 good reasons for Kermi system x-optimised

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