Kermi Smart Home Comfort at the push of a button - at any time and from anywhere.

Kermi Smart Home

Kermi Smart Home for heating, cooling and ventilating. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi system x-optimised" conveniently coordinates all the components of the heating system via PC or tablet.

The x-center base energy and comfort manager is the heart of the Kermi Smart Home. It can be installed with minimal effort and can be easily operated - even retrospectively. It communicates with all elements, optimally coordinating them with each other – heat pump, layered buffer storage tank, radiators or panel heating/cooling and domestic ventilation.

With the Kermi x-center base, all heating system components can be simply addressed via the Internet browser. After from the increase in comfort in the application, Kermi x-center base is attractive due to its intuitive user interface which allows the user to set up so-called "scenes", for example to set timer programmes, individual room temperatures or holiday and party modes.

The benefits of Kermi Smart Home:

  • No software required - easy access via Internet browser
  • Cost and time savings thanks to remote servicing
  • High flexibility due to open EnOcean protocol to link in products from other manufacturers, e.g. window contacts
  • The underfloor heating is easy to integrate thanks to Plug & Play
  • No cabling to the radiator controller and therefor no electrical installation required
  • High application and connection security thanks to SELV voltage (<24 Volt)
  • Maximum comfort by implementing individual timer programmes defined by the user
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