Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiator with towel rails in modern bathroom
Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiator in modern bathroom

TABEO® Experience beauty and comfort combined as one.

Above all, a radiator must provide a high level of heating comfort. At the same time, its appearance should be convincing and enliven a room as a representative piece of design. Moreover, it cannot lack functional features. TABEO makes all of these requirements its own and gives a special feeling not only to bathrooms. With its clear form, characteristic joints, and towel rails that protrude dynamically from the surface, it fits perfectly into any home environment. Towels can so easily be hung in the curved rail and can be conveniently warmed.

Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiator in modern bathroom environment


Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiator with 50mm centre connection
TABEO - -with 50 mm centre connection for easier planning.
Kermi Tabeo-V design and bathroom radiator with thermostatic unit on left
TABEO-V - the thermostat unit is attached at a user-friendly height, either on the left or right.
Kermi Tabeo-E design and bathroom radiator for all-electric operation with WFC electrical set
TABEO-E - All-electric operation for year-round warmth independent of central heating. The following electric sets are available to choose from:
  • Electrical set FKS
  • Electrical set WKS
  • Electrical set WFS
  • Electric set WFC (see image)
Further informationAlso available as additional electric operation.


iF Design Award 2015 - Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiators
Kermi Tabeo design and bathroom radiator with Design Plus quality seal powered by ISH

Every year, the IF (International Forum Design GmbH) organises one of the most highly esteemed design competitions: The iF Design Award. A worldwide symbol for design excellence.

Design Plus powered by ISH stands as a seal of approval for products which distinguish themselves for this reason, which is what the leading trade fair stands for, the worldwide largest meeting of industry for the world of experience of bathrooms, sanitary, building, energy, climate technology and renewable energies: for future-proof products which combine innovative design with energy-efficient technology.




The perfect combination of design radiator and underfloor heating.

The solution for selected radiators with a valve: The technology is completely hidden behind the radiator cover.

Smart Home with x-center base

Heating control at home. Easy while out and about.

Simple and easy to control your electric bathroom radiator on your tablet.

Controlling the heat in your own home when you want and where you want - Kermi Smart Home makes it possible. The intelligent system for digital, location-independent control of the "Kermi system x-optimised" conveniently conducts all the components of the heating system via smartphone and tablet. Other devices such as home lighting or shutters can be incorporated into the system.

Using x-center base, the headquarters of Kermi Smart Home, you can easily control bathroom radiators with  all-electric or additional electric operation while at home or while out and about and control the room temperature. For intelligent living and maximum comfort for a sense of well-being.

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x-link connection fitting

The combination of bathroom radiators and panel heating is becoming increasingly popular. What was missing was a visually and technically convincing solution for the connection problem.

Using the x-link connection fitting, it is quick and easy to connect the underfloor heating circuit via the bathroom radiator to the existing radiator network.