Kermi x-net connect: mehr Effizienz für die Heizung

x-net® connect Energy saving ordinance (EnEV) compliant underfloor heating, now also for increased impact sound protection according to VDI 4100.

Two problems - one solution: x-net connect

Problem 1: Heat dissipation through the feed lines passing through.

Feed lines from the underfloor heating system manifold to the rooms have until now usually been embedded in the screed. Even when these feed lines passing through are covered with thermal insulation, they emit heat to the screed in the passageway (as a general rule, the hallway). This means that the passageway is always heated if an underfloor heating circuit is active, quite independently of demand. With the typical manifold positioning in the hallway, this often results in an excess of room heat.

Solution 1: x-net connect reduces the heat dissipation of the feed lines passing through much more effectively than is possible in conventionally embedded and thermally insulated feed lines.

Problem 2: Lack of installation area for controlled heating circuit in the passageway. 

If the underfloor heating system manifold is installed in the passageway and if at the same time this room has comparatively little floor space, then due to the feed lines passing through, there is often too little or absolutely no installation space to form an independent heating circuit for the passageway.

Solution 2: x-net connect keeps the installation space in the passageway free to allow a heating circuit to be installed which can be separately controlled.

Kermi x-net connect Systeme

x-net connect benefits:

  • Realisation of the individual room control in accordance with the energy saving ordinance (EnEV) requirement
  • Compliance with the maximum permitted surface temperatures in the hall area
  • Meets the requirements of increased impact sound protection according to VDI 4100
  • Can be used for various x-net systems
  • Quick and reliable processing
  • Allows absolute flexibility regarding layout of pipes

x-net connect description:

Kermi x-net connect, connection system for feed lines passing through the following x-net systems:

  • x-net C11 knob system
  • x-net C12 tacker system
  • x-net C16 clip system
  • x-net C17 klett system

Impact sound reduction on solid ceiling is comparably high to with EPS DES sg or EPS DES sm, as confirmed by an independent testing institute.

Insulation effect is comparable to 20 mm pipe insulation (WLG 035), if a pipe insulated with it is embedded in the screed.

Thermal resistance > 0.75 m² W/K (according to DIN EN 1264)

Data is applicable providing installation instructions are adhered to.

System description

With x-net connect, the feed lines passing through are not embedded in the screed. From the distributor, they disappear into an insulation layer under the screed - this prevents unwanted heat dissipation into the room. The installation surface remains free for full area layout of a heating circuit which can be separately controlled. This means that the x-net connect is the only system which allows the energy saving ordinance (EnEV) requirements for individual room control for all rooms more than 6 m² large to be realised in the hall as well.

x-net connect runs feed pipes that are passing through from the manifold in an insulation layer under the screed and does not let them appear in the screed layer until they reach the place where they need to dissipate heat.

The optional heating circuit via x-net connect is realised with hook & loop pipes. The installation system for underfloor heating design A (wet screed), allows the single room control required according to energy saving ordinance (EnEV) for rooms with more than 6 m² floor space (e.g. in the hallway in an apartment).

The thermal image clearly shows the differences.

x-net connect selectively conducts the heat underneath the screed. This means that the space is not heated at all through heat dissipation from feed lines passing through.

Kermi x-net connect: mehr Effizienz für die Heizung
Kermi x-net connect: mehr Effizienz für die Heizung

Insulation effect

High upward insulation effect

x-net connect is impressive due to its high insulating effect. In comparison, a pipe embedded in the screed as standard needs to have a 20 mm insulation hose fitted (100 % insulation) – this can not actually be realised in practice in construction.

Insulation of the feed lines passing through with "100 % insulation" (floor construction which can only be realised theoretically).

Even heat dissipation to the room (e.g. 10 W/m²) when there is flow through the feed lines passing through and with them being embedded in x-net connect (thermally decoupled from the screed).


Impact sound reduction

Impressive impact sound insulation

Both x-net connect layers together have a very high effect on impact sound reduction. With the new x-net connect base plus EPS panel they meet the strict requirements of increased sound impact protection in accordance with VDI 4100. And that is also ensured when the feed lines passing through are arranged closely together.

Sophisticated installation-suitable detailed solutions for maximum safety & security from unwanted noise transmission.

Impact sound reduction

1. x-net edge insulation strip and x-net duct tape

2. x-net pipe protection tape to protect the pipes and seal the pipe joints

3. x-net connect cover with impact sound reduction and full surface bonding of the pipe penetration

4. x-net expansion joint profile



Kermi x-net connect installation video


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