Solutions for the housing sector Competency in energy efficiency, modernisation and new-builds.

With high quality products for the housing sector, pacemaking production technology and with clear objectives set, for more than 50 years now, Kermi has been combining innovative solutions with trendsetting design, top quality, functionality, comfort, and reliability.

As a specialist for modernisation, renovation, and new-builds, we are in a position to offer you a complete, seamless programme which is unique with regards to energy efficiency. We have proven this expertise in the past in numerous developments, which remain unsurpassed today.

We have the optimal solutions for construction companies, building owners, and developers

A complete system for satisfied residents and tenants with few complaints.

"We have been installing products from Kermi GmbH for many years now. With Kermi energy saving radiators such as the therm-x2, the owners and tenants in our properties can save up to eleven percent energy. For us of course, it is a convincing argument in favour or letting or respectively selling our residential units."

Martin Dornrieden
Managing Director of Dornieden Generalbau GmbH in Mönchengladbach

Your solutions and benefits at a glance

Thanks to optimal interaction between all components of the Kermi x-optimised system and the entire heating technology programme, energy losses are minimised and maximum energy savings potential of up to 20 percent is utilised. For satisfied residents and maximum energy efficiency - from the cellar to the roof.

therm-x2 steel panel radiators

Up to 11 % energy savings and even rent apportionable.

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Design radiators

Bathroom radiators to suit every room.

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x-net panel heating/cooling systems

Heating comfort with impressive sound insulation.

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x-well residental ventilation

Tailor-made ventilation concepts according to DIN standard for your property.

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x-change heat pumps / x-buffer heat storage

An investment in future-proof technology.

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eccolution refurbishment one-pipe system

Forces the one-pipe system to be energy-efficient.

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therm-x2. Your radiators for the housing sector.

The plus for new-builds

  • Up to 11 % energy savings
  • 100 % more radiant heat
  • preset valves save time and costs
  • can be combined with all heating systems
  • Compliance with VDI standards

The plus for modernisation measures

  • uncomplicated replacement while occupied
  • 100 % more radiant heat
  • avoids problems, unnecessary complaints and costs
  • rent apportionable in accordance with §559 German Civil Code

Unique: The serial flow ensures an degree of efficiency not achieved in a panel heating segment

The thermographic comparison makes it visible: the serial flow effects a significantly higher average surface temperature on the front panel and with it, a radiation component of up to 100 % higher. And this means optimum feel-good warmth for your customers at all operating times.

In addition to that, there are savings of up to 11 percent energy in comparison to conventional steel panel radiators. A unique opportunity for you to complete the energy-savings chain in your property.

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Kermi therm-x2 Heizkörper Wärmebild
Mietumlagefähige Lösungen von Kermi für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Good to know: Modernising with therm-x2 can be apportioned to rent.

With regards to the ability to apportion costs when modernising heating systems, the legislator sets out detailed guidelines: If final energy or non renewable primary energy is saved by installing new radiators, the utilisation value of the rented premises is retrospectively increased and the living conditions at the property are permanently improved, then the measure is considered to be apportionable. The landlord is then entitled to recharge up to 11 percent of the cost they have incurred for modernisation to the annual rent of the tenant - which makes the investment costs worth while.

With the energy saving effect of up to 11 percent, the therm-x2 precisely meets these requirements and in accordance with the legal requirement §559 German Civil Code (BGB) is apportionable in the case of modernisation. Housing associations which invest in x2 technology for modernisation measures can proportionally apportion the costs incurred to the annual rental costs.

More information on ability to apportion to rent

Bathroom radiators to suit every home. From A to Z.

The plus for modernisation measures and new-builds

  • Wider range of sizes for use in every construction situation
  • Refurbishment while occupied
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Connection dimensions are designed for DIN radiators
  • High heat output
  • Barrier-free

Easy to replace, convenient grip height

Old, unattractive radiators and sources of danger caused by internal pitting corrosion - enough reason to modernise the outdated radiators in the bathroom as well. The BASIC-50 offers you the best opportunity to do this.

With additional features, such as the convenient grip height of the BASIC-Dwhich is particularly suitable for residents with limited mobility, Kermi offers the right radiator for every bathroom. Because they are easy to replace and have a convenient grip height.  

Architectural trend towards larger bathrooms: Thanks to double heat output, no problem.

Double power is offered by the DUETT-D, whose double-layer structure promises to provide virtually twice the heat output of a standard bathroom radiator. The widest range of sizes and the many different colour options make this powerful radiator ideal for renovation and refurbishment and also for use in new-build properties.


Pleasant heat whenever needed.

To avoid having to switch on the central heating between the seasons and therefore to save costs, Kermi offers almost all bathroom radiators with either electronic additional operation or all-electric.

Kermi Duett design and bathroom radiator with Kermi towel
DUETT - double the heat output for greater comfort

Fixing points. Be on the safe side with Kermi.

Kermi radiator fixings

Avoiding liability: Exemplary safety level for all requirement categories

  • maximum safety & security with optimum stability
  • compliant with the new VDI 6036
  • high load bearing capacity

With Kermi fixing points you have the necessary stability and safety & security in daily life. This means that, as the customer, you are on the safe side and will save yourself a lot of trouble with modernisation and new-build projects:
Because you are responsible for complying with the specifications for the radiator fixing points.

A tip from our experts:
"Include compliance with VDI 6036 in your invitation to tender right now - then you will be on the safe side!"

Panel temperature control provides unsurpassed heating comfort.

The plus for new-builds

  • legally based on rulings handed down by the Federal Supreme Court of Justice (BGH) regarding sound insulation
  • Separation of trades involved in installation

The plus for modernisation measures

  • Renovation and refurbishment while occupied
  • Can be laid without chiselling and demolition work
  • Extremely low installation heights
  • Compatible with various floor coverings

For a long time, the installation of underfloor heating was only possible involving a huge amount of effort. Not least because of the unsurpassed warmth they generate, surface temperature control systems have now become standard both in private and commercial new builds as well as when carrying out modernisation work. The x-net underfloor heating / cooling from Kermi is particularly quick and easy to install and is ideal for a low cost, environmentally friendly combination of all energy-efficient heat sources.

Play figures in the Kermi x-net C15 thin layer system
Kermi x-net C15 Dünnschichtsystem und x-net C16 clip System Illustration Fliese


Ideal for renovation thanks to low installation height - While carrying out a renovation or refurbishment, as the building owner you are often faced with the challenge of finding suitable a surface temperature control system which does not require you to increase the height of the existing floor covering more than necessary. With a low floor installation height from 17 mm, Kermi offers the solution with the x-net C15 thin layer system - without chiselling and demolition for optimal retrofitting.

Sound insulation

Don't give noise a chance - because of the new jurisdiction of the Federal Supreme Court on sound insulation, as a developer in future you will have to carefully consider what sound insulation you offer in your properties. In modernisation and new-builds, you should plan to meet the higher requirements of impact sound insulation right from the start. Because noncompliance can retrospectively lead to expensive and complex refurbishment work.

That is why Kermi is offering solutions which meet the higher requirements of impact sound with its C12 and C16  systems. We recommend using impact sound insulation with dynamic stiffness of less than 10 MN/m3.

"According to present jurisdiction by the Federal Supreme court, the requirements set by DIN 4109 with the usual standards of quality an comfort are no longer adequate, at least when it comes to residential construction. It is therefore necessary to plan for higher requirements of impact sound insulation."

Controlled residental ventilation.

The plus for modernisation measures and new-builds

  • prevent moisture and mould formation
  • protects the fabric of the building
  • complies with the guidelines of EIN 1946-6
  • is particularly low-noise
  • space-saving beneficial systems especially for modernisation
  • all central units are PHI certified
  • highly efficient heat recovery
  • control systems adapted to suit the housing sector
  • demand regulated humidity control

Mould? Not on our watch.

To prevent the hazardous formation of mould indoors and to create healthy thermal comfort, you should ventilate at least four to six times a day - virtually impossible on a daily basis for tenants and owners of residential property. According to DIN 1946-6, housing associations therefore have to make a standardised ventilation concept available for every new-build and extensive refurbishments. No problem with Kermi.

The solution: Kermi x-well residental ventilation

Central system

Decentralised system

Tailor-made ventilation concepts from Kermi

"The tenant can not be expected to air more than twice a day."Local court Hamburg, WuM1988, 357

Around 17 percent of existing properties are affected by mould and the resulting damage from damp. This means that one in six people in Germany is living in a mouldy flat, according to the results of a representative study conducted by in 2012. For this reason, Kermi offers you tailor-made ventilation concepts which meet the minimum air exchange requirements of DIN 1946-6. This two hour, complete exchange of air not only prevents the formation of mould, but also ensures the necessary removal of moisture, CO2 , as well as volatile hazardous materials, to attain a high level of air quality and therefore create healthy thermal comfort. The ventilation designs created meet all the requirements with regards to hygiene, energy efficiency, and conservation as well as thermal well-being and therefore entirely comply with DIN 1946-6 in their mode of operation, also fulfilling the fire safety requirements in a multi-storey building (in accordance with MLüAR - official ventilation system guidelines) thanks to the option of combining them with tested smoke switches.    

Thanks to integrated humidity sensors and controllers, the x-well residental ventilation ensures a comfortable temperature and level of humidity - in the winter, the outside air is preheated, in the summer, the outside air is used for cooling. In addition to that, the integrated filter cleans dust particles and pollen out of the air.

Sophisticated technology for satisfied residents

The central residental ventilation ensure that the air is regularly exchanged to preserve the fabric of the building, the health of its residents and to improve comfortable living. Ventilators made by Kermi are equipped with integrated humidity sensors and humidity controllers, therefore ensuring a suitable level of air humidity. An effective integrated filter cleans dust particles and pollen out of the external air sucked in before introducing it into the home - considerably increasing the air quality in the room.
Much to the delight of the residents, the ventilation systems are particularly low-noise, thanks to star-shaped distribution.

Decentralised residental ventilation with heat recovery

x-well D12 - the decentralised domestic ventilator. Both in a new-build and also as a renovation solution which is easy to install retrospectively with a borehole, it also improves ventilation of small and individual rooms. The system works alternately, i.e. the air flows change at different, fixed time intervals. It is classified in energy efficiency class "A" and has a heat distribution level of up to 91 %.

Heat pumps / storage. Low operating costs. Use energy efficiently.

The heat supply of the future with heat pumps and storage

At Kermi, future-oriented and progressive thinking are the order of the day. The future of energy supply is characterised by intelligent networking and self-sufficient supply solutions. For example, Smart Grids are able to source the energy from alternative energy sources, such as solar panels or wind power as required. Our x-change heat pumps can therefore use cheap power to generate heat and thereby charge a heat storage unit (x-buffer). Then when the heat energy is required, it is already available in the storage unit.

Kermi offers intelligent solutions

Today already, the heating technology specialist is working with intelligent control: The x-center controller manages the individual components of the Kermi heating system and guarantees both efficient and sustainable operation of the heating system by regulating the flow temperature. The Kermi Energy Manager also promises intelligent control, which in association with the temperature module, can increases own consumption from solar panel systems in a simple and cost-effective way. If too much electricity is fed to the grid, then for example the x-change heat pump is activated and generates heat in advance which is stored in the x-buffer heat storage .

eccolution. Forces the one-pipe system to be energy-efficient.

The plus for modernisation measures

  • eligible for financial incentives from KfW - German Reconstruction Loan Corporation
  • uncomplicated renovation while occupied
  • Property value increase
  • Reduce the number of empty properties
  • no return heating on radiators, so no undesirable recording of heating costs
  • Energy savings of up to 18 %
The Kermi eccolution renovation system is subsidised by the KfW (Reconstruction Loan Corporation) in Germany
An old pipe system

The refurbishment problem of a one-pipe system

Comprehensive energy-technical refurbishment of the heating system with modern heat sources, such as condensing technology, heat pumps, or solar panels, allows significant energy saving effects to be achieved straightaway.
In many properties, approx. one million of them in Germany, the so-called one-pipe system is installed which due to the operating mode, unavoidably means high distribution losses and excessively high levels of energy consumption.

This problems can not be solved through modernisation - what use is the most efficient heat source if the savings effect is completely lost en route through the system? The consequence until now: either an incredibly complex refit to install a two pipe system or continue to waste valuable energy.

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